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Season 1

Episode 5

In this episode we really start to see Reinhart becoming part of the NYPD family with a certain prank that he is not pleased about. There is also his old job which he keeps close ties with but they want him back. Between the NYPD, his teaching and his new book when will he ever have time to be with his husband? Though the case in this episode is a right cracker. It is about a young woman who is washed up on the shore with her heart missing. What Reinhart can’t get over is why someone would cut out the heart?


I really enjoyed this episode, as it was a really compelling watch with so much going on in terms of the case but also parts of the over arching story being revealed which means I am completely hooked on this show. I love these two character together, they are so sweet and work so well as team which makes you love them so much as they are the nerdy detectives. I loved the scene in the bar that was so hilarious and badass. The conclusion of the case was one I wasn’t expecting but fit perfectly into the story which was very clever as you never saw it coming.


Episode 6

In this episode we follow them in the midst of an investigation that they think is coming to a close with the suspect at a known location and then apprehended and taken to hospital, all is well. Until suddenly he goes into cardiac arrest and dies. But why so quick and was the hospital or the staff responsible or is this a wider problem? Plus we get to see more into the life of Reinhardt and his childhood as this case is personal for him. It is never as simple as it seems.


I loved this episode because it incorporated some spy stuff in it as well when they were investigating in the middle of the night which at some points was almost comical. The case was fascinating it had so many twists and turns and such a topical subject especially in the US to do with healthcare. That moment when Reinhart revealed his past had me in tears such a beautiful performance. It was a really emotional episode filled with so many stories that broke your heart but the ending made it worth it for some of the people involved. It is a thrilling episode that surprisingly I can’t go into much detail about as it will spoil the story so you are just going to have to watch it.


Episode 7

This is a very personal case to Jasmine as the victim is one of her friends and the list of suspects is rather long. Her friend is the owner of a large sports team who has recently moved their home location which has caused uproar by fans and also increased her hate mail. On the day of her fundraising party which Jasmine is attending everything gets a bit too much for her friend as people are wanting selfies and her time that she freaks out. So she goes to take minute to herself but then her and her car are found at the bottom of a bridge but how?


This was a good episode although at times it did feel like the case was stretched a bit thin and the process to finding out who killed her wasn’t as thrilling as previous episodes. I found the case fascinating but I wanted them to take more time with the helper and really expand that part of the story as it felt like she was there but not really there. Also I want Jasmine to be more involved in the case as it felt like it was personal but her just not being proactive enough. It was a solid episode but I just wanted more but the PI part of the story was a great twist.


Episode 8

This is a very complex episode with a case that seems to go one way and then do a complete u-turn. It is about a young woman who was shot as she was closing up the youth centre she runs. But who would do this to a young woman who is inspiring kids to make their dreams a reality. She is a Muslim woman which starts a few hate fuelled crimes across the city. However, is this a hate crime or is this closer to home?


This episode was so much better than the last with so many different complex issues about neighbourhoods and racial and religious issues in our society today. I liked that they discuss the problem, that with sensitive crimes like these there is so much pressure to have some sort of statement within a day to reassure the public but it is not always the case. In the end I was not expecting the result it was but it gave me that feeling of hope that justice was served which was nice. There wasn’t much character development in this episode but there was a mention of Reinhart’s dad which was intriguing and I think would have been a great expansion for the episode.


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