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Genre = Thriller, Romance, Drama

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This about a young man who listen to music all the time to drown out the hum in his ear. He also drives for a living as a not so legal driver for certain people. Plus he is in love with Debora. What more do you need to know? Just maybe whether he survives or not?


My Thoughts:

I love this film it is one of my favourites mainly because it is a combination of an amazing soundtrack and a thrilling plot. It has all the feelings of a gangster film in modern day. As you may already know I find gangsters fascinating and this film looks at that Bonnie & Clyde side of gangsters. I loved that idea of driving with just your music and no care in the world idea as it has such a freedom attached to it. I think this is what this film does best in terms of pulling apart that idea of freedom and what it means to young people today.


The music was incredible mix of some of my favourite songs like Dave Brubeck and Martha Reeves & The Vandellas. Every song flows beautifully with mood of the scene which is a sign of a great film for me. My favourite scenes of the film is definitely when he is singing in the car because you have that anticipation that something is going to happen whether it is good or bad.


Baby he is just sleek and the way he moves does a lot for how much I enjoyed his character. I found him fun and full of surprises especially when he is dancing in his house it’s almost West Side Story like. He also has that smile that just melts you as soon as you see it because you totally go all doe eyed for him.


Debora was the perfect person to be alongside him as she has this beautiful voice that makes you want to dream and sing along. Plus she is very smiley and cute which goes perfectly with his mysterious nature. I loved that she had this adventurous streak that came out in a crisis.


The other characters were good additions to the bad side of Baby’s life. I think my favourite would be John Hamm’s character as he just captures me with his characters every time. I liked Jamie Fox in this as he was like Baby’s kryptonite.


Overall, this is a thrilling fast plot with a quick witted script that will keep you rooting for Baby all the time. Still going on a journey of love and redemption. Anyone who wants a film that will capture your heart with some crime this one is for you.

5 stars


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