Cheer Season 1 Ep1-3 Review

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Season 1


Episode 1

So after watching All or Nothing on Amazon Prime which is an American football documentary series this seemed like the perfect series to move on to. This follows one of the best cheerleading teams in America and how they get and stay at the top throughout the season. Also gives a view of cheerleading in history.


It was so tense because the amount of risk involved in this sport is out of this world but alongside that the amount of trust you have to have in your teammates is scary. It is also fascinating to see the ins and outs of the sport. The history as well I think is an important part to the show and how far it has come as a sport.


Episode 2

It’s mat time when the people who are going to be on the mat at Daytona are picked. Daytona is their biggest competition of the year. Not only that but you get to see Jerry’s backstory which is heart breaking and inspiring!


You get so attached to all these kids in this episode as you know the pressure they are under and want them all to make it. I think what hit me most is Morgan because I know that feeling of self doubt and lacking confidence to get to where you want to go. Oh what an episode!


Episode 3

The tensions are rising in Navarro with the pressure of being picked for mat getting to certain people. We take a look at La’Darius’ backstory and how he came to be the cheerleader he is today. His spirit and drive gives you confidence in yourself. You get to see what Gabi’s life is like with what happens when you get noticed nationally.


For Gabi’s part in this episode I can’t imagine the pressure and for me it feels too much for someone her age but she has good parents backing her so you feel less worried. I think this episode shows how we put way too much pressure on ourselves as children but this show actually shows the rewards of that. I think you it shows how you need to find a balance in life. Also to weigh up how much these experiences and some cases sacrifices will help you in your future. 


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