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Genre = Contemporary, Fiction, Teen Fiction, Drama

Author = Sarah Crossan

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This a novel in verse that is about a young girl who is called Alison who is running away from home. As her father is abusing her. So she runs away to find the last girlfriend he had as she knows that she would help her. Instead she ends up in the middle of nowhere in a shed next to a house that belongs to an elderly woman who has dementia. But who does the woman think Alison is?


My Thoughts:

This was a heartbreaking story that I couldn’t put down as I became so attached to the main character Alison. I knew this was going to be sad as it is not my first rodeo with Sarah Crossan but I think this is one of her best ideas yet.


Alison as a character I loved because you never felt like her situation was too much to bear all at once. Sarah eased you into her life so you felt as if you were watching a movie of her life. This character still had so much innocence to her and her life which I was glad she had. She has these childlike situations that make her very relatable despite those harsh abusive situations which not everyone can relate too. All in all her character was beautiful written and a strong personality that never gave up which I loved.

The plot of the novel perfectly tied the two women who just understood each other’s hardships on some level and supported each other towards happiness which was beautiful. It was really nice to see a connection between a young person and elderly person in a novel which you don’t see too often. I enjoyed that there was always that underlying thrill of what could happen and whether the arrangement would just explode. The ending was really emotional.


Marla I loved that although her disease had taken her over in some ways. You still got to see who she was before and how soul crushing that was to read knowing what this disease does to people. Allison’s friend I was always suspicious of and couldn’t quite work her out but there was a certain amount of understanding of her kindness so you sort of trusted her. She was a typical teenage character which irritated me a little but I guess that was Alison’s return to normal whatever that is.


Overall, it is a fabulous book that will make you cry all evening but if your are fan beautiful, emotional and realistic stories this is the novel for you. I will say it was a bit too long for me.

4 stars


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