Izombie Volume 1: Dead to the World Review

Genre = Comic, Horror, Fiction, Paranormal, Fantasy, Zombies

Author = Chris Roberson, Mike Allred, Laura Allred, Todd Klein

Info  = https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/8493612-izombie-vol-1?ac=1&from_search=true&qid=eFzdCcHcJq&rank=1

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This comic follows Gwen who is a zombie, her ghost friend Ellie and her Were-Terrier spot. Who basically are the new Mystery Inc. but from a different perspective who are finding out who Gwen ate and why they died. But there are larger and darker forces at work called Fossor Corporation who have sent to kill all monsters but will Gwen believe this to be true?


My Thoughts:

The pop art style of the dots inspired by Roy Lichtenstein I loved as it is a great effect that for me just draws me in even more. The use of larger panels I really liked as it was easier on my eyes as most comic panels are quite small. But also it felt less squashed and that the panels were fully developed into a scene. There were more double page spreads in this volume which I love as it allows the artists imagination to explode which I find so interesting to look at. There are so many different colours in this comic, I love it because it all seems to just fit perfectly into each panel. The way the monster side of all those characters are drawn with a very warm feeling which made me feel more sympathetic towards them than I usually would.


I really enjoyed Gwen’s narration throughout it wasn’t boring, it felt like you were hearing a normal person’s thoughts which grounded the comic in reality. I love the dialogue between Gwen and Ellie it is cute and such odd subject matters which makes it quite comical. The dialogue between Mr Mummy and his pet snow leopard is weird and hilarious cause it just sounds like either he is talking to himself or the leopard used to be a person. I like the old and young banter between Diogenes and Horatio it’s good comedy.


Diogenes he kind of bores me as a character because of his actions but his past looks interesting. Horatio he is an interesting one I don’t know if I like him or not, yet. The vampire women they are an odd addition which I don’t any of them but I guess their point will become clear soon. Spot is adorable and so nice just want give him a big hug. Ellie is a sweet and loveable character who I already love because I love all mama bear characters. Mr Mummy and his leopard are so weird and I can’t really make out what I think of them but they intrigue me. Gwen is kind and sassy with great wit which I love and is why she is a great character.


This first volume was very much setting up for what is to come but it never bored me. Mainly because you had the added plot of the vampires’ and their escapades which were intriguing to see how they fit in. The explaining of how everything fits left some many unanswered questions which I love because it let my imagination run wild. The ending was good it just dropped in the middle of everything whilst knowing nothing which is a tad annoying but intriguing.


I loved this comic is was everything I thought it was going to be and more I really like that the TV show is so different. It slightly reminds me of Buffy which I love and its so great when comics remind you of something you love. I really like the fact that the Ancient Egyptians are incorporated into the story that is so cool as I love all things Ancient Egyptian plus it gave the story more mystery. I really liked that they weren’t all zombies as it allowed for a large universe to wonder about. The two potential romances and one of them working for the bad guys was cheesy and fun. Overall, a funny and intriguing comic for all Buffy and Supernatural fans plus anyone who loves Pop Art.

5 stars



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