Arrow Season 1 Ep 1-4 Review

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Season 1

Episode 1

So I have been umming and ahing over whether I should watch this TV show because to me this superhero has just never peaked my interest but now that it is such a huge success and has been running for so long I thought I must cave and give it a try. This show follows Oliver who after his father’s yacht crashes and he is stranded on a island for five years until he is rescued but what happened to him on this island and why is there now a Robin Hood superhero in is town?


I like the character of Laurel Lance she has a lot of potential for strong female character with lots of interesting sides to her. I love her idea that she is always trying to save her city. I find Oliver irritating in this episode because he is so pompous with both his old and new side. His mother is a suspicious character plus I find their relationship very estranged and intriguing. The plot of this episode was a mixture of very fast and very slow parts which annoyed me.


Overall, a first episode that made more interested in the characters than the overarching plot as I felt the over arching plot was so stereotypically done. However, there are some characters that have lots of paths to go down which makes me want to watch more. I did enjoy that there are so many characters that are unlikeable as it is an unusual for TV shows. I am interested so I will keep watching.


Episode 2

So not the greatest second episode as it felt quite drawn out. The case in this episode was about someone who was dealing with the Triad to smuggle drugs into the US. So kind of a typical story, I think that is what annoyed me about this episode.


I liked the character development with Oliver and Laurel which was cute and could bring some interesting tension to the show. I love the scenes between Oliver and Thea, they were tense and heartbreaking but at times a little forced. Overall it was a very meh episode with some exciting bits but unfortunately it didn’t keep the pace. Although the ending was really gripping with that last scene making you wonder who will be revealed as the ultimate baddy.


Episode 3

In this episode Oliver Queen tries to work his parenting skills on his sister which is not the best way to start a relationship with her again. While his list is whittling down as he goes to take down one more on the list he gets an unexpected surprise another masked man by the name of Deadshot is getting in his way. Quite literally with Oliver being hit by one of his bullets but this is no ordinary bullet. He now has to deal with Deadshot who is getting a little two close to home with his own list.


It was very fast paced episode at times almost too fast paced there where bits that needed info dumps just to make the episode run smoother and to understand the connections. I think too much drip feeding of the connection of Arrow’s list and his new dad is an intriguing way of doing it but still a bit annoying at times because you want to know more. I still don’t like Oliver’s character, I find him annoyingly arrogant and a bit too stiff. Although we see more of his bodyguards backstory in this episode and that is interesting also to see how their friendship will develop.


Episode 4

With his identity getting harder and harder to conceal Oliver must find a way to be more under the radar but how? Especially as the case he is working on is with Laurel. This case is about a man who is about to be executed for a crime he didn’t commit but the person who framed is on Oliver’s list. But will he get the man behind it before the other man is executed? Also will his bodyguard find out something that maybe he is not ready for or maybe he is? Also there is a mysterious amount of money that the company is querying but why and what has happened to such a large sum?


This is the episode where I feel I am now fully invested in this story as they have added more mystery to it. Especially with the money business and what it leads too which I was not expecting and why just why. I can’t believe Oliver was so reckless I mean I get it but he so gave himself away there and I don’t think he needed too but I guess he wanted answers all this time. The story of the bird alongside was an interesting choice at that deciding moment where he was having to kill as a means to eat but I don’t think it tied to the main plot as well as it could. I was disappointed in Laurel as she doesn’t get it or maybe she is trying to protect him but just no okay. I can’t wait to watch more!


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