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After the traumatic events of the second film in the series. Bella and Edward are now back together and everything seems hunky-dory. But when is it ever really? Especially in these films. So Victoria is still mad at Bella and Edward, so she decides to create an army to hunt and them and the rest of the Cullens down. Will this really work now that the wolves are cordial with the Cullens but for whose saker are they cordial?


My Thoughts:

I think this is film with the most cringe worthy lines or it might be that I am just getting old and in my old age of 25 I am screaming at the TV a lot going your silly (I am saying a lot worse as well) don’t say that.


This is probably the best out of all of them for me mainly because it is the one that is the most tense and the film with ability to get really dark as well as being able to go deeper into the legends that surround this story. You know me I love a good dark suspenseful film although this one didn’t get there for me.


The action in this movie has really stepped it up a notch which makes it interesting to watch. Especially with the training it has that almost sexy and badass feel to it and the battle is just fascinating to see how they fight. Seriously, more battle scenes like that and I would have enjoyed this film so much more.


The relationship between Bella and Edward just makes me want to vomit mainly because she is so close to him. Plus I have always been a team Jacob until the next film or is it the one after where does something too creepy. Both sides of the relationship are just weird.


Her father and her mother with the whole saying goodbye situation is sad and awkward mainly because how the hell would you do that. Also there is less of a relationship between them and Bella so you feel as though they should be more connected. But hey moody teenagers am I right.


Overall, it’s an okay film. I love the whole Victoria side of the story its fascinating and dramatic. I mean why we couldn’t have more of that I have no idea and make it into a family feud instead of just a lovers feud. It’s one that you can laugh at, especially how bad and silly it is. However, for me it is the best in the series. She so should have chosen Jacob!

3 stars



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