Poems to Live Your Life By Review

Genre = Poetry, Drama, Journey, Love basically all the emotions as a Genre

Author = Chris Riddell

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This is a collection of Poems selected by the truly amazing Chris Riddell. They journey from musings, youth, family, love, imaginings, nature, war and endings. They include poets like Simon Armitage, Phoebe Bridges, Kate Tempest, Seamus Heaney, W B Yeats, Neil Gaiman and the man himself.


My Thoughts:

I first encountered Chris Riddell at work in an Oxfam Bookshop that I worked at at the age of 17. It was literally the best job ever especially for someone who wants to work in a bookshop. I found Goth Girl and I instantly fell in love with his writing he has this way of transporting to this world of infinite possibilities. When I heard, he was putting together a poetry collection I was so excited as I have always wanted to get into poetry but never found the right way in. However, I knew that Chris would pick ones that I would love.


There are eight different sections in this collection which gave the illusion of a journey through life and what we experience along the way whether it is sad or happy or just damn well confusing. I like the names of each of the sections as they are open to interpretation for instance he doesn’t call his section on death that, he calls it endings which I suppose is true its an ending but is it a fulfilled ending because really what do we know about what happens after the end. It is also just a nicer way of saying it because as humans I think we never want something to end.


Out of all the sections I think my favourite is between musings and love as that is where most of my post-its went plus ironically I think that describes me very well. I love the idea of love and the way it can just consume you and how utterly insane it is. The other is musing that is other part of me in a nutshell I am a constant thinker about what and why other people do things I find it fascinating and it is something that never bores me.


There is a poem in the musing section that is from Lord Byron which I just love it is from Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage and it talks of nature and the sea. The way I think of it as a place to ponder all those big thoughts that you have but you keep hidden away. It is a very short passage but one that has so much power that you want to find the rest of the poem. Another of my favourites is the Shakespeare sonnet he has chosen it is number 18. It is just beautifully dreamy and lyrical that you fall in love with it immediately. The last favourite I wanted to talk about is Witch Work by Neil Gaiman which is a beautiful look at how we can keep ourselves so closed off from the world. It has this deep sadness that makes you love it because it goes straight to the point of love.


I love this collection of poems they are beautifully selected that will make you feel so many emotions by the end. I feel it is a collection you should read in bits as it is quite heavy plus it is nice to pick up and then put down then pick up again as time goes on. This is a great collection for anyone who would like to try out some poetry for the first time and for those who like themed collections. It definitely opened my mind up to poetry and I can’t wait to read his next collection which is called Poems to Fall in Love With.

4 stars



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