Joyride Volume 1 Review

Genre =  Space, SCI-FI, Action, Friendship, Comic

Author = Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Marcus To, Irma Kniivila, Jim Campbell, Scott Newman

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Welcome to a world where the World Government Alliance always has your best interest at heart or do they? Uma certainly has different idea of what is out there in space and she is determined to explore. But will her and Dewydd’s plan work to escape?


My Thoughts:

I really loved this short comic. A great space adventure that reminded me a bit of Guardians of the Galaxy with the group that becomes friends through the story. The plot was thrilling especially with the added chase of the brothers with all the history behind their relationship really pushed the pace. It was not what I was expecting I was thinking it would be this little cute adventure between two friends that would be adorable and annoying but it was soo much more as there was a big and fascinating world behind the story that has so much to uncover so I can’t wait to read the rest of the volumes.


I loved Uma because she just had one goal to explore and be curious which is a bit like me I am very curious person. She was a very knotted character that had so much baggage wound up inside which made her mysterious and cool. I enjoyed that they slowly unravelled this about her throughout the comic. Catrin she annoyed me a lot because she was very black and white. I personally don’t think you can be like that plus she was quite a blind character to what was in front of her which was why it was nice to see her develop as well. Dewydd what a soppy boy I didn’t enjoy his character right until the end because he had this typical romance with one of the girls. But then they revealed things about his family that got me interested in his character.


The artwork in this comic was beautiful and very epic in style of showing the vastness of space. The design of the spaceship was so cool as it looked like each character had an individual pod to ride like a motorcycle. The monster that likes to swallow was so creepy but it was also such a good idea of what it does. My favourite scene of artwork would have to be the battle at the end between Dewydd and someone else that is because it just looks like a poster as it is a scene of sadness and tension. I loved the design of Buddy as well a bit like a mix of C3P0 and an Iron Man suit.


Overall, it is a fun space comic that will take time to get used to the characters but when you do you’ll love them and want to know so much more about them and their world. Also Kolstak is a great voice of reason in this comic with his space knowledge. If you are looking for a short series set out in space with a good story this comic is for you. I just would have liked to see one more issue in the volume as I was so enjoying the story but it did end on cliff hanger of what might happen to the group next time.

4 stars


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