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Season 1

Episode 1

A thrilling new crime drama added to Netflix. The way I can tell whether I’m going to like a series is how many times I watch the first episode and with this TV show I have watched it at least four times to make sure I’m not missing anything. This follows a political journalist called Harriet in Canberra, Australia who is following a corpse of a ANU student who was gutted and washed up on the lake. Another lead is his connection to the Chinese embassy. It is a great premise as it is filled with twists and turns and so many mini subplots which I love in a TV show as it keeps me engaged.

I love the characters especially Harriet she has this I am my own woman demeanour about her that I love and also this drive to find the truth. Her ex-husband who is now a woman called Kim who works for some sort of Australian intelligence service called ASD is a fascinating character with lots of layers that I think they will peel back slowly. Malcom Paxton what a perfect asshole who has no understand of society and is totally in someone’s pocket. Catriona is hilarious and bolshie which I love. Overall, its a jam packed episode filled to the brim with secrets, information and relationships that will feel as though they will be drawn out slowly. It has a lot of potential to be similar but in a lot of ways better than the House of Cards as it talks about the very relevant relationship with China and Australia. I am excited to see where it goes plot and character wise.


Episode 2

OMG what an episode it was like a mini movie in one episode. This episode is about the guy who was head of a mission in China at the time when Mal Paxton was there. However, everything just escalates from there!

I loved this episode it was really thrilling and full of twists and turns that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Harriet’s character she was just put through a washing machine but you never felt like she over did her performance just felt like a shitty day. Kim was incredible in this episode so much courage and strength. Overall it was just an incredible episode on all fronts you just have to watch it to see what I mean!


Episode 3

OMG that’s was the tensest episode I have ever watched every little side story had a tense moment it was incredible to watch. This episode mainly focuses about the start of the investigation of Harriet’s ex-husband’s death. Also what is going to happen to Mal Paxton?

I loved this episode mainly because you felt like you got to see different side of all the characters. Plus the drama was amped up so much I just couldn’t keep my eyes off it! I love Harriet the way she handled and grew in this episode was incredible and empowering. Felix oh you feel so sorry for him. It’s all going down!


Episode 4

As things start to heat up even more (believe it or not!) in the chase for Kim’s killer the web of who is involved grows bigger and bigger while the people that are still there start to disappear. So what is really going on and whose web is this and whose responsible for creating it? Catriona is up to her tricks again to get that legislation she wants put through and cause some chaos but why? Is Harriet’s dalliance with the Felix over or is something else going on?

There are so many questions I want answered after this episode from the parts about the China connection which I even have done a mind map to see if I can figure out whose at the top I still can’t get it. Yes that is how much this show gets you involved in this story as it is a very real and relevant story in terms of what is privacy on the web to all not just governments. That scene at the end was so scary things are really starting to get intense but also Paxton’s son seems a bit suspicious I don’t know why. It is also terrifying how easily measures like they talk about can be put forward immediately.


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