Dotty Detective Review

Genre = Middle Grade, Mystery, Friendship

Author = Clara Vulliamy

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This is about a little girl named Dotty and her dog McClusky on their adventures to solve the mystery of who is sabotaging the talent show.


My Thoughts:

I think some middle grade books are just so magical because it’s sometimes the simplest stories that touch you and break your heart which is why I read middle grade. Plus it was always so nice as a bookseller to say you have actually read it and its a good story.


I was so excited to start this series as its a girl and a dog solving mysteries which is something I would have loved when I was little. It was a cute story I loved Dotty she is such a sweet character that has a big heart which I think is so nice to see in a story.


I like the idea of the story that Dotty and Beans are helping Laura get the confidence to be in the talent show even though someone is trying to sabotage her. Its a relatable and adventurous plot.


The style of the way the book is laid out is almost like a diary so it feels less intimidating to those children who struggle with reading. However, it is mostly still in normal type face which helps children get used to reading books on their own.


Overall, I liked the story but at times it was a little repetitive and not as exciting as I was expecting. I would have like to it have been drawn out more. I just thought at times it was too simple and it seemed as if it was purposely made that way which I didn’t think was necessary even for this age group of 5-8 year olds. All in all, it is a lovely little adventure that any young one will enjoy who has just started to read on their own.

3 stars



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