Paper Girls Vol 2 Review

Genre = Comics, SCI-FI, Time Travel, Fiction

Author = Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang, Matt Wilson, Jared K. Fletcher

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So this continues the story of the four paper girls who were put in a very odd situation one Halloween. Now, having time travelled to the future the girls have met a few Erin’s on the way but which one can they trust? And can they find KJ?  


My Thoughts:

The palette of colours are stunning in this volume especially all the pinks and usually I’m not a pink person as I went through that pink stage when I was younger lol! I love the odd looking monsters (Tardigrades to be exact) they looked really creepy and slightly cuddly at the same time. I love the use of all different sized panels it keeps the pace and excitement going. I love the ship it just looks so cool its that feeling you get when you want a new toy that is what I felt like when I saw that ship. There is a glimpse of another world and OMG it looks so cool I hope we see more of it.  


My favourite dialogue is between Mac and Tiffany it is such a cute, loyal and funny dialogue between them. The conversations between the Erin’s is so weird and takes a while to get used to but its done so their very different in their personalities which I loved. I still can’t quite get used to the old-timers dialogue as it is still a bit confusing. The Erin and Uber driver conversation is so whacky and sweet I loved it.  


Mac she developed so much as a character through her going to the future you saw a softer side which made me like her even more, Tiffany she was just as cute and funny as usual and so polite love her character. Young Erin was very rational and courageous totally not what I expected but I adore her character. Older Erin was more of a mummy like figure which was a good contrast. The future Erin was creepy but nice so I am very suspicious about her character.  


In this volume it was a lot more fast paced and really starting to develop into an action packed story which I thoroughly enjoyed. Throughout the plot kept me glued to my seat as I read it in one sitting. The ending was fantastically set as it sort of finished a chapter in the story but left you totally in limbo as to where it was going next.  


This was a great step up from the first volume that has just got me completely hooked on this series. I loved that its so out of this world but I still find it relatable. I think anyone who loves stranger things or his other series Saga will love this series too. It is just a world full of possibilities!

5 stars  


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