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Synopsis: This follows a few animals and a baby in the time of the Ice Age which is when the migration south begins. However, one mammoth has different idea he’d rather stay in the cold and a sloth that gets left behind by his family decides to tag along. Then they find the baby which because of their good nature decide to return to its herd but there is a big journey ahead of them to get there. So they get a Saber-toothed tiger to lead (I know right silly) the way but Manny the mammoth doesn’t trust him?


My Thoughts:


This is a childhood favourite of mine. From the first time I watched this film I fell in love with the characters. Plus it has this quality as a children’s film that it is filled with adult jokes which I love about it for example the bickering between Manny and Sid is hilarious and so mother and father. That’s the other thing I love about this film that they have managed to create this family out of different types of people showing that your family can come from anywhere and be anyone.


I think out of all the characters my two favourites would have to be Manny because he is that tough but also a softie in your family that you love and look up to. The other has to be Diego he is that person in your family that surprises you by changing their ways for the better. Don’t get me wrong, I like Sid but he would drive me up the wall. There is something endearing about him as well and boy that scene in the jacuzzi was hilarious.


The humans I think were down very well in this film as they were neither seen as the bad or the good guys because they were still evolving as a species. That’s also another theme that I love in this film actions are not black and white because at that time it was just about survival which gives a realistic depiction of that time period in history.


The plot in this story is a fantastic journey towards understanding of each other and working together no matter where you are from which is a poignant message in these times. It very good pacing as you are always working towards that goal of getting the baby back to it’s herd but with those added extras of the Dodo scenes and the slide scene. It was layered in the sense that each character had its own past that it was grappling with.


The animation in this film is incredible in terms of the landscapes especially those scenes at the waterfall with the cherry blossom my heart just stops at their beauty. The humans felt very square and rigid which at first I was like why are they like that and then it made sense in terms of how they were perceived by animals. The animals had such a soft touch to the way they moved which considering where they were at the time of animation development was incredible.


Overall, this is an amazing family film that always makes me laugh and cry because it makes a connection with you through the journey of the characters that you never forget. If you haven’t been introduced to Ice Age definitely go watch it’s a favourite of mine.

5 Stars


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