Ugly Betty Season 1 Ep1-4 Review

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Season 1  

Episode 1

I remember when I first watched this show it felt like I had a show that related to my situation of how people saw me as a frizzy hair, big boobs and curvy how they thought that was not normal. This show made me feel like I belonged in this world. The show is about young woman living in Queens with her family who goes for a job at Meade publications thinking she doesn’t get it but it turns out she does. But slowly finds out the real reason she was hired?  


This show for me gave me so much courage as a teenager to wear what I felt comfortable in and not give flying F what people think (excuse my language). Betty I love her and she is such a relatable character. This shows how two people from different sides of the city can come together to do great things. I love it’s drama and fabulousness.  


Episode 2

So after a rocky start to her job Betty is determined to do better. However, she is still feeling like she doesn’t fit in. So she decides to let her sister give her a makeover. Also she is trying to get this big photographer to work with the company after a bad relationship and Daniel is trying to live up to the memory of his brother.  


This is such an emotional episode with all the different characters and a great mixture of humour and sadness. I love that they showed that difference between the societal image of how women should be and how women really are. It is just another inspiring episode that says you can look how you want to look.  


Episode 3

The book; it is the holy grail of Mode but also I think every magazine has one like that. However, this book is causing Betty some issues in this episode. Can she fix what’s happened in time before anyone notices? Daniel’s dad is starting to trust Daniel in the magazine which is nice but is there an underlying reason. Plus he does some pretty suspicious things in this episode!  


This episode was definitely felt personal for me because it deals with that idea that people always want their photos to be retouched so they look like their perfect mirror image which I understand why. However, I don’t agree with it and think beauty comes from your personality as well as your looks so focus on that more. The sisterly love in this episode is strong which I love because it is so important to creating that future where women matter as much as men. It is great episode!  


Episode 4

The ability to show off your new job and how amazing it is can often lead to some sticky situations. For instance an industry bar that you can’t be too chatty at as Betty learns the hard way and so do some other people. There are also other things going on with Justin and how much he loves Betty’s new job plus Ignacio is hiding an even bigger secret that shocks you to the core.  


I love the parts with Mark and Justin it has a way of showing how it is more important to be yourself than the version everyone wants you to be as you will get so much further in life because of it. Betty wow you just want to give her a huge hug after the day she had. Especially that ending I mean how do you process that. The meeting with Wilhelmina was hilarious that idea was so perfect the fear in everyone’s eyes it just makes you laugh so much. Daniel, he certainly plays a card in this episode you’ll have to let me know what you think of his hand.  



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