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Author = Charlaine Harris

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This follows a sister and brother team who help the police and people. How do they do it? Well, Harper can find dead people and no she is not a sniffer dog more like a psychic. This particular case follows them down a journey to find a missing teenager who is believed to be dead. However, there is more to this story that the town is not telling the dynamic duo. A simple job is now turning into a town secret that is dying to get out.  


My Thoughts:

Charlaine Harris is one of my favourite writers her series True Blood is one of the best vampire series on the planet. So I knew she had many other series that she had written so I want to start going through them. This one sounded the most intriguing I love the mixture of supernatural and mystery it just makes for the perfect combination as it adds to the suspense of the novel.


The premise of this series is of a sister and brother duo at a crossroads in their lives about whether they want to continue this gig of helping people find their loved ones. There is a lot there to mess around with and she definitely explores that crossroads issue in this first book.   I could see very early on that the dynamic between the two of them is already established and tense which at certain times in the book frustrated me so much where I just wanted to say talk to each other please. This dynamic reminds me a lot of Supernatural the TV show which I love because it is that solitary “I’m fine” relationship but still got your back always. Harper I really enjoyed getting to know as a character I could see she developed a lot throughout this first book moving towards a better way to deal with her gift. Tolliver is an annoying character that you love but you wish had more of a personality or just had more to do than chaperone.  


The plot of this novel had quite a slow pace as it was trying to mix in the character development and background which I found interesting but at times it did slow the pace down too much. The mystery itself was fascinating with lots of twists and turns with that small town America feel of everyone knows everyone’s business to it. The suspense at parts of the book especially towards the end I was on the edge of my seat. All in all it was a great mystery I just think there need to be more fleshing out of those interactions between the characters involved.  


Overall, it is a good start to series and I am looking forward to see where the next one takes me but I hope the next has a better flow and pacing to it. Harper is a great character that I can’t wait to see where she develops plus I want to see more from Tolliver. This is great for anyone who loves a good cosy mystery with a supernatural twist.  


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