The Magicians Alice’s Story Review

Genre = Comic, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure

Author = Lev Grossman, Pius Bak, Lilah Sturges

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This comic follows Alice and how she comes to Brakebills College for Magical Pedagogy to find her true magical purpose in life. Along the way she meets some new friends and she realises they have a lot in common. Along the way a story from her childhood becomes more than tale from her childhood. It becomes something a whole lot more magical. There are two boys she shares this love of this story and they are Penny and Quentin but who will be the boy that she stays with? Is it all worth it in the end? Will she find what she has been looking for?  


My Thoughts:

This particular comic is tied to the series of books called The Magicians by Lev Grossman which I read a long time ago when I was at university and I’d popped into Waterstones found the series and fell in love with them. So when I heard about this comic at BookExpo I was so excited to read it and thank you so much to Archaia Comics for gifting me a copy at the event. Now I haven’t watched the TV series which I know is bad because everyone raves about it especially in my book club so maybe after this I will watch it. I have to say it would have been better if I had done a reread of the series and then read the comic as I have been completely out of this world for so long I had to do a bit of googling to remind myself of where I was.  


The artwork is beautiful in this comic mainly because there are so many landscapes in that are stunning you just feel like you are floating through beautiful scenery. When Alice went on that journey through the snow that bit at the end was stunning especially the colours used for the magic. I loved the buildings in this comic as they had this ancient but homely look to them. My favourite creature in this comic would have to be the tree they meet in the bar what a wise and hilarious tree I wish we got to see more of him in this story because he is such interesting creature to look at.  


In terms of the characters for me at one point in the comic everyone got on my nerves but they all had their endearing qualities. Alice she was someone who felt like the main character but just felt like she was moaning all the way through the story which was a shame because it felt she had this great power but it was all about her relationship with Quentin. Who I honestly couldn’t stand at all he was just always too arrogant and not noticing how he was taking over the story which I didn’t like. Penny was an interesting character as he had something he really believed in that brought him to life after his trouble at school. That is thing I think I didn’t like about Quentin he didn’t learn anything from school and was still trying to be Mr cool instead figuring out who he wanted to be. 


I liked this story but for me it was hard to connect to it due to the large gap between me reading the books and now. It is definitely a good read if you are fan of the world as it explains certain things. Plus I loved the end part of this comic when they were in the world everything got so much more intriguing and reminded me of Narnia at parts which I loved and that is when I felt like you got to know Alice more. If you are in the mood for incredible landscapes and magical worlds this is the story for you.

3 stars  


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