August 2020 Wrap Up

So this was a productive month I am so happy with the results. It is always when it comes to those winter months my reading and watching go so well as the weather gives me an excuse to stay at home (haha). I watched so many films this month and a lot of ones that go to that deep emotional place. I think my favourite would be The Booksellers as it is a celebration of a job I was privileged to have and am still in the industry and love it! In terms of books it was a bit hit and miss this month but my favourite would have to be Shuri as it was just so awesome to explore her character more. For comics I just loved going back to my Buffy days staking vampires like a badass and staring at cute boys. In TV I have so many loves but the top one is this short new series Betty as it was so empowering!!


Let me know in the comments what books you are excited to read this month.  If you have read any of the books I have talked about lets have even more of a discussion in the comments.  


So here is the list:



Jojo Rabbit

Info =

Where to watch = Available to Buy or Rent on Amazon Prime.

Opinion: I didn’t know what to expect from this film but I got was a beautiful look at how even in the darkest of times there is hope and laughter. It is really worth a watch!


Ad Astra

Info =

Where to watch = On Now TV/ Sky Cinema

Opinion: I think with this film I thought this is going to be like Gravity and Interstellar but no it was a really personal story that showed how you can be related but be so further from that notion. That bond of father and son and passing that baton of exploration is intriguing and sad.


Black Christmas

Info =

Where to watch = Available to Buy on Amazon Prime.

Opinion: I enjoyed this film I thought it was a good thriller but I feel like that the evil society wasn’t really explored enough and also the thoughts and opinions that come out of those awful situations are not given enough time. I just wanted more from this but its an interesting plot.



Info =

Where to watch = Available to Buy or Rent on Amazon Prime.

Opinion: This film visually was incredibly stunning I mean the places you are taken too and the way light changes throughout this film is breathtaking. You can feel the fear in every step he takes on his journey.



Info =

Where to watch = Available to Buy or Rent on Amazon Prime.

Opinion: This was really hard to watch I had to watch this over two sittings as it just broke me emotionally to see that this could happen to anyone you know and that pressure of being young and succeeding is some instances works and a lot of the time is really toxic and we change that. Show that where ever you go and how ever long it takes you just do it with love and care of others life will be good as it can be! Know no one is perfect!!!



Info =

Where to watch = Available to Buy or Rent on Amazon Prime.

Opinion: I loved this film I was lucky enough to see it and then a Q&A of the director which was fascinating to hear his influences. I got to introduce it to my mum and she loved it I honestly will watch endlessly its so good.


A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Info =

Where to watch = Available to Buy or Rent on Amazon Prime.

Opinion: I thought this was going to be such a happy biopic but it is something completely different. It is exploration of forgiveness, hurt and not knowing how to process your feelings these are things I struggle with because of what I have been through but this film taught me a few things. Speak about feelings its important!


The Booksellers

Info =

Where to watch =  Available to Buy or Rent on Amazon Prime.

Opinion: I was so happy to hear about this film and to see the recognition of these incredible people that changed things for the better in this industry for so many people. I was a bookseller and watching this was like having a conversation with my old colleagues who I love dearly. So watch this documentary and give your booksellers some love!



Info =

Where to watch = Available to Buy or Rent on Amazon Prime.

Opinion: This was interesting film I have become obsessed with all projects that have Zoey Deutsch is attached to as she always chooses fascinating stories that surprise you in the end. This one will definitely surprise so let me know what you think!



Sonic the Hedgehog

Info =

Where to watch = Available to Buy on Amazon Prime.

Opinion: I was prepared for the worst with this film because games transfer to films don’t have the greatest success rate. However, good message and funny at times but clunky plot. So if they get another film they have some work to do but Jim Carrey is funny and a mean baddie.



Info =

Where to watch = On Disney+

Opinion: I adore this story and if I ever identified with any Disney princess it would this one she just understood that need I had as a child to prove myself to my parents that I was good at something. Now I just go with the flow lol! It is a beautiful film with some incredible songs.


Little Women

Info =

Where to watch = Available to Buy on Amazon Prime.

Opinion: I was fully prepared to not like this film as I have an issue with people constantly doing new interpretations of the same classics all the time look deeper people there are loads more! However, this one was really good I loved characters even more in this version as they were well rounded and it wasn’t so focused on them all together all the time it was more to do with how they stayed as a family throughout these times which was beautiful to watch. I did cry!


TV Shows

Betty – Season 1 – Finished

Info =

Where to watch = Available to Buy on Amazon Prime.

Opinion: I adored this series it is such a beautiful expression of love and passion for something you love. I really hope they get a second season from HBO. I had no idea about the dynamic of women and men in the skateboard industry.


dimension 404

Dimension 404 – Season 1 – Finished

Info =

Where to watch = Nowhere at the moment.

Opinion: This was a peculiar anthology series that took really interesting societal subjects and pulled them apart and made them weird if you like Twilight Zone you’ll like this.


Fleming – Season 1

Info =

Where to watch = Available to Buy on Amazon Prime.

Opinion: I have watched two episode of this mini series and I was expecting to like this but I actually love it and Dominic Cooper is really good in it.


8 Days – Season 1

Info =

Where to watch = On Now TV/ Sky

Opinion: I watched one episode and really enjoyed this series its thrilling and many stories within a story about a the earth about to crumble.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Season 1

Info =

Where to watch = On Amazon Prime

Opinion: This is me going down the nostalgia route after reading two Buffy comics lately!


Riverdale – Season 2

Info =

Where to watch = On Netflix

Opinion: I am just obsessed with this series its so scandalous and teen drama that is perfect for me.



Younger – Season 2

Info =

Where to watch = Now TV/ Sky have Season 3.

Opinion: I love this series its so true of how life goes and I have even got my mum hooked. Plus it is a true-ish depiction of publishing. Why do we have only have three season there are seven give me more!!




DC Rebirth Titans Volume 1 The Return of Wally West by Dan Abnett, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, Andrew Dalhouse, Carlos M. Mangual, Carrie Strachan

Info =

Where to Buy =

Opinion: I really enjoyed this story and the characters. I didn’t find the villain a bit of a joke mainly because I don’t find magicians scary. However, its unpicking of the situation with Flash’s time dilemma was fascinating.


Under the Moon A Catwoman Tale by Lauren Myracle, Isaac Goodhart

Info =

Where to Buy =

Opinion: This is just a fantastic tale and a great introduction to Catwoman for teens.


Buffy The Vampire Slayer Uninvited Guests by Andi Watson, Dan Brereton

Info =

Where to Buy =

Opinion: I just love all Buffy stories whichever format they can do wrong plus there was some intense moments in this comic.


wolverine old man logan

Wolverine Old Man Logan by Mark Millar, Steve McNiven

Info =

Where to Buy =–Old-Man-Logan/9780785131724

Opinion: My friend Lewis was so right I absolutely loved this comic if you are fan of wolverine definitely read this.




Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Info =

Where to Buy =

Opinion: Just wow I don’t remember this being so creepy when I was a teenager how times have changed but it is still a good curious vampire read.


Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse by Chris Riddell

Info =

Where to Buy =

Opinion: I adore this girl and adventures in this house. A fantastically magically children’s series.


Remain Silent by Susie Steiner

Info =

Where to Buy =

Opinion: A very relevant and thrilling crime novel. I love the use of many point of views who were our main characters.


Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee

Info =

Where to Buy =

Opinion: Hard at the start but it really pays off about 60pgs in and I was hooked completely.


The Binding by Bridget Collins

Info =

Where to Buy =

Opinion: I just couldn’t really get into this story it is interesting premise. However, the story moves around too much and the wrong points and you end up just frustrated by the end of it.


The Barrow Will Send What It May by Margaret Killjoy

Info =

Where to Buy = Only Available on Amazon

Opinion: I was totally confused at the start of this but then I suddenly got it and what was going on. I was like I want more and was sad it was so short but really good.


Shuri A Black Panther Novel by Nic Stone

Info =

Where to Buy =–A-Black-Panther-Novel–Marvel-/9780702301834 Opinion: This was so beautiful written and awesome go back into this incredible world of Wakanda.


As always keep geeking!


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© 2020 Emily Claire Cannings

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