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This is film is about Emmet who is a normal Lego man who follows the instructions and listens to Everything is Awesome (which is now stuck in my head!). However, one day after work he comes across a woman who is not following the instructions and who has very flip action hair. So he decides to follow her to see what she is doing and to tell her to follow the instructions. However, then he hears about the prophecy. His life will change forever and visit worlds he never imagined existed and BUILD!!    


My Thoughts:

When I first heard about this film coming out I thought well this is going to be a fun corny film to watch that will be in that section of my collection that I refer to when I need to just revert to my kid self again. However, this film really surprised me as it felt like the new generation of Toy Story films but not as good because lets be real nothing at all can beat a cowboy animated version of Tom Hanks (I love him!).


All in all this film is hilarious and relatable in so many ways but especially about the way in which adults are allowed to act like kids. However, only about certain things and for many years that has been Lego as it has that connection to models but in a modern way. I personally adopt the theory that as an adult you can act like a kid and play or collect anything you want because you love it and life is too short to care what people think of your hobbies.  


Well there is my little rant of the day. Anyway back to the film, the animation of this film was incredible I was expecting a very rigid and almost irritating version of Lego moving because you naturally think that Lego is very one dimensional. In this film they took it too the next level by keeping the original shapes of Lego but making it fluid through the use of animation. My favourite part of the animation was the master building bit they were so cool and fast I was glued to the screen at that moment. I think my favourite world would have to be the Western one I just love cowboys.  


In terms of characters this film is filled with big and awesome personalities which I loved. I think my favourite would have to be Wyldstyle and Batman mainly because they are so funny together with their babe conversations. I think Wyldstyle was a great character as well because she had a lot of depth to her with her wanting her life to work out a certain way. I thought Batman was so hilarious because he was a great caricature of an irritating guy with the voice as well. Emmet was a good character even though slightly annoying at times. You empathise with him throughout his journey and he is naive so you basically have a child in the mix of characters (cause apparently according to my brain all the other characters are adults?). Vitruvius was adorable and the ghost oh wow I couldn’t stop laughing.  


All in all it is a film that has so many insanely hilarious and heartbreaking moments which is why I think it is a really great family film because you can relate to a time when Lego was a part of your world. Mine was my mechanical Lego train set and yes it was the coolest thing ever next to my Barbie Aeroplane. If you are looking for something to send you back into a kids nostalgia Tardis then this is film for you.

4 stars  


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