Cheer Season 1 Ep4-6 Review

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Season 1

Episode 4

This is an episode that shows the struggle of human life and how you sometimes can’t do anything but boy do we try to. I think it is that drive that cheerleaders have that makes them so interesting to watch and to understand their life. You see in this episode the repercussions of injuries and how you have to re group and get it done.

It is hard to watch it has so emotion in every minute of this episode as this is their whole existence and they have to make room for what is next as there is not a fully formed industry to go into after which I gathered from the dialogue. That to me is so scary and how much they have to push themselves to get where they want to go. It’s a fascinating yet a heartbreaking episode!

Episode 5

OMG the nerves and tension in this episode are out of this world. This is the week before Daytona where the team is practising as many full outs and different scenarios where something can go wrong. There is a fight between two people which leads to some interesting debates about trust and what you put out to the world.

I just could feel the excitement and build up for that final episode all throughout this one with every gloriously happy face after a full out. There are some moments where you are like, are they going to have a full team? I mean I just don’t want it to end. It’s such an amazing TV show.

Episode 6

Wow that was a whirlwind of an emotional ending. So you get to see who broadcasts the cheerleading competition in Daytona and what they are like. Then the competition was incredible in every way because you just can’t express how emotionally attached you get to these kids. Plus that knowing that it is now over and you have to find a whole other life and career you want to do.

I loved that you got to see so much of what happened to the kids after Daytona and even the assistant coach because that’s so important to you as a watcher to know they are okay and managed to succeed. Lexi I feel so sorry for her that’s tough to know what to do. Overall, this was an amazing documentary that gave you all sides of the sport to the history to the controversial practices to the hardships to the joys. I hope to god they do a second season because I would love to see more of this world it is fascinating and you get very emotionally invested. I would say if you are a fan of All or Nothing series you will love this TV show or the Bring It On films.

5+ stars


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