The Cruel Prince Review

Genre = Fantasy, Drama, Romance, Thriller

Author = Holly Black

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This follows three sisters having a normal life chilling at home but one day a man comes to the door that reveals a past that they never knew or they were apart of. In a magical land that is home to all manner creatures and deceptions is where that past was and where they will now go. As they grow older which path will they take through magical land or the human land and which is more dangerous?

My Thoughts:

First of all Holly Black is my favourite author and a woman who inspired me to read at a very young age with her Spiderwick Chronicles books. So when I heard about this series I just knew it was going to be spectacular and it would not disappoint.

This is a truly devious faerie book that will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next betrayal. I loved the world that it is set in because there is no real structure of how it is explained its just at some points in the book you learn about the different lands and the stars which I enjoy because you get more engrossed in what the characters are doing. I think my favourite thing about the world would have to be the clothes as they are so imaginative.

The three sisters wow they are amazing characters that you love as if they were your own sisters. Especially for me Jude, I think she has this incredible strength to survive which I think we all understand. She also has this way of taking you on the journey as an observer with her own anecdotes which I really enjoy. Viv well as a character she frustrates me to no end because she has severed her connection to the faerie world even though her sisters are still there. She does still care but feel sorry for her as she is the reason they are there. Taryn well I get why she is the way she is but I don’t like her because she wants to fit in too much and for me that is annoying. Also I feel as if in this book she is not explored enough as a character.

Madoc and Oriana well I mean really I would say they are creepy and have a strange relationship but as the book develops to start to uncover why and how they became almost the Addams Family but without the love. Oak is such an innocent you feel sorry for him as you know a harsh reality is coming.

The men, to start with Locke what a charmer ewww I don’t trust him. But I get it he has je ne sais quoi that you can’t resist. Cardan well there is a character you hate immediately but you know there is more to him that will explain why later but never sure if you want to know why. As you would rather continue hating him. Dain well there is a man that you just can’t figure out and maybe it’s best that way.

The plot of this book is so thrilling because throughout there is this plot for Jude to become a knight and then she just switches the plot and your overwhelmed but loving it. There is not point where I was not glued to the pages of this book. It has a way of taking you into the world and not letting you let go like a certain evil fruit.

Overall, this is the best book I have read this year and it’s a reread. It is one of those books that I could reread so many times because I am so in love with the world and the characters. If you are fan of Holly Black, fantasy, faerie or just a gripping book with amazing characters please give this a try it is one of my favourites. I could go on about it more but I’d rather let you read it and we discuss in the comments!

5 stars

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