Avengers Infinity War Review

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So it’s the start of the end for the Avengers how will it go and who will die. Can you contain your excitement, anger and love watching this film I certainly couldn’t. It just Avengers GOLD with action and comedy.

My Thoughts:

There is literally nothing else like the excitement this film. It gives me the chills it’s literally like watching a sports game or in my case I love watching gymnastics which is so tense so is basically this whole film. Now when going into this film you have to remember that this a build up film for an epic 3hr 1min ending so expect it to be very open ended. However, saying that you do know a lot of things by the end of it or you can at least guess them.

So let’s tackle the infinity stones wow they are some stunners and in the gauntlet even more impressive! It’s definitely a “my precious” moment like literally they are intoxicating. I feel like though sometimes that most of them are a bit too easy to break apart from obviously the soul stone but still the others really should have more of a puzzle attached to them.

So the next topic after the stones has to be THANOS it is just necessary to dissect that purple cuddly monster. He is one of those characters that is very deeply cruel and damn right abominable. There are moments in the film where you get a glimpse of his humanity but can you trust it? He is also such a fascinating character that you can’t help trying to predict what he will do next.

The battles in this film are beyond epic there is nothing like it especially the part with Thanos and Doctor Strange they are unpredictable but also remind me a bit of a that feeling you get at the end of series and you know something is going to happen but it was way way cooler. The final battle was so emotional you just can’t explain it you have to watch it. You also love the excitement and family feels that comes from that battle.

The relationship romances between a lot of characters just makes that battle that bit more emotional. Especially with Vision and Scarlet Witch oh their passion and love is so sweet. Also the Starlord and Gamora love is just beautiful and funny I just so badly want to it to work out because it’s so cute. The Bruce  Banner and Black Widow love is just beyond sad.

The conflict of Thanos and Gamora is done perfectly I couldn’t have thought of a better way to show the pain and the history in this film. It also helps you to understand a lot of things and that is true of a lot of different parts of this movie things just click for example with Thor.

Overall, it is just an incredible movie that encompasses everything you love about the Avengers from its diverse characters, it’s revealing of the range of planets, to its stellar plot twists and incredible visual effects. You will loose yourself in this film then immediately go out and watch Endgame because you have to know more! You just need to know what happened! Will Thanos succeed????

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