Grace & Frankie Season 1 Ep1-4 Review

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Season 1

Episode 1

I love this TV show it’s my favourite for a long time like since Buffy and Charmed. It is about these two women who are in their later years and their husbands are business partners in a law firm. They all go out dinner one evening and the men have something to announce and its not their retirement, it all unravels from there!

It is just pure comedy gold because its relevant, hilarious, its a comment on society and has the best cast I have ever watched that make the show a joy to watch. I love the comment on the Ryan Gosling chair that is hilarious to see how far our obsession with famous people goes. The huge difference between Grace and Frankie works so well that you don’t hate one you love them both because they just form this bond that makes you want to continue to watch the show. The two ex husbands are hilarious and you can see that they love each other.

Overall, its an amazing first episode that will get you hooked and that you will treasure. I just love it especially watching it with my mum its our substitute for when we used to watch Desperate Housewives together. It just incredible!

Episode 2

Wow this is an emotional episode that really hits you hard mainly because you have the two extremes of this situation discussed which just makes you sad but also is a great tactic for understanding both sides of the situation. As in this situation whichever way you look at it people will judge you and you feel like what am I supposed to do and how to do you switch between totally unhappy to being happy with another person. But there are still some funny moments in it too.

There is one scene I absolutely love which is when Grace is having her first discussion with Robert after him leaving. Her mini speech is so raw and empowering that you just want to shout go girl. Frankie in this episode the pain she represents just makes you want to burst into tears Lily Tomlin is just amazing in this role. I love the interactions between the children they are so cruel and funny. Its a powerful episode bring tissues.

Episode 3

So the dinner its just always awkward or a catastrophe even if you do have the perfect loving family were everyone is happy clappy. But me I’m a cynic as I think that doesn’t exist coming from a big, dramatic and broken family. This episode follows the children going for their first dinner with their gay dads. While the mothers, Grace and Frankie are feeling irrelevant and like they have no purpose in life which you definitely see in that last scene which is hilarious and so sad plus annoying at the same time.

This tv show just hits the nail on the head with every single issue it talks about and the first one I want to point out is the time when you realise friends are not there for you when they pull the bullshit excuse of the doorbell just rang or something along those lines. Its just so annoying if you don’t know what to say about a situation just don’t say anything just be there obviously its not that simple but you know what I mean. Those pretend dinners I can’t stand them they drive me nuts and I swear I just acted like Briana sometimes in those situations. You just have to watch it because it is hilariously awkward about everything and so on the nose about certain issues.

Episode 4

This episode is so hard to watch every little conversation you can feel the ache in everyone’s heart and its not even about the funeral its about the situation they are in. So Larry has died and he was a great friend of all of them so they now have to go to his funeral but how do you go and how do you want to seem at this point in the situation, do you want to be strong like Grace or over sharing like Saul or awkward like Robert or confused like Frankie.

I find funerals an odd thing I haven’t been to many only a few and the ones I have I can never understand why people do what they do at funerals or what they wear I just feel out of place in mind and body really, a bit like Frankie in this episode. I feel so sorry for Grace in this episode I so understand her pain and annoyance at people who take sides situations like this and then leave out those who you were more close to people. It just drives me nuts because it is such petty thing to do and shows you don’t care. This episode makes me so angry at the way people behave to one another I know I am guilty of it sometimes we all are but surely these times have taught us that there is no place for that behaviour in this world ever. Alright rant over but it is such an important episode definitely watch it you won’t want to miss it.

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