September 2020 TV Releases

Well what a fun filled month of TV watching I have this month in terms of releases. I mean what incredible variety it terms of language, genre and story I can’t wait to dive in. From the epic The Idhun Chronicles a new Spanish anime that looks so beautifully animated. To the creepy nurse Ratched the role is perfect for Sarah Paulson and the trailer gives you an taste of creepy that is going on where she works. However, my most anticipated this month has to be Awkwafina is Nora from Queens I love her she is so inspiring and hilarious plus has incredible style and songs. I can’t wait to see how her TV show develops.


Let me know in the comments what TV Shows you are excited to watch this month.  If you have watched any of the TV Shows I have talked about lets have even more of a discussion in the comments.


So here is the list:



1st – Black Books – Season 1-3


Opinion: I used love watching this show and if you want to understand what its like being a bookseller this show hits the nail on the head!



Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices – Season 1


Opinion: This looks like the most adorable show ever. It is black creators and celebrities reading children’s books from black authors that will inspire the next generation to dream big and teach us all something new.


young wallander

3rd – Young Wallander – Season 1


Opinion: I really enjoyed the original Wallander so I am curious about this show and I think this will be the perfect winter show to watch.



4th – Away – Season 1


Opinion: I am hoping this is really good because it has the Will from The Good Wife in it and I love him. Plus it looks like an intriguing story.


record of youth

7th – Record of Youth – Season 1


Opinion: I watched the trailer for this show and it looks like great heart warming and inspiring story. 


the gift

10th – The Gift – Season 2


Opinion: This looks so fascinating it is a new Turkish TV show about a mysterious archaeological site that has a link to our main character.


the idhun chronicles

The Idhun Chronicles – Season 1


Opinion: This is a new Spanish anime and the trailer looks so cool I can’t wait to watch it.


the duchess

11th – The Duchess – Season 1


Opinion: Katherine Ryan I like so I am interested to see how the story turns out. 


family business

Family Business – Season 2


Opinion: This looks like the most hilarious TV show ever just watch the trailer and you’ll see what I mean.


dragons dogma

17th – Dragon’s Dogma – Season 1


Opinion: I just love anything to do with dragons so I am in.



18th – Ratched – Season 1


Opinion: All you have to say to me is Sarah Paulson and the creators of American Horror Story and I am hooked completely.


jurassic world

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous – Season 1


Opinion: Yes we are slowly getting there toward my dream of a Jurassic Park TV show which I think they should have done ages ago. This is animation so baby steps but still excited.



Apple TV


25th – Tehran – Season 1

Opinion: I am intrigued, the trailer for this was very thrilling and tense.



Amazon Prime

4th – The Boys – Season 2


Opinion: I am watching the first season and really enjoying this gritty superhero drama. I am starting to believe the hype.

25th – Utopia – Season 1


Opinion: Graphic novel and cult sounds like a perfect mixed you got me intrigued.


Sky/ Now TV

a black. lady sketch show

1st – A Black Lady Sketch Show – Season 1


Opinion: A half hour sketch show that looks hilarious and has some of my favourite black actors in it like Issa Rae and Angela Bassett.


two weeks to live

2nd – Two Weeks to Live – Season 1


Opinion:  This looks so funny and thrilling plus I love Maisie Williams.


the russell howard hour

10th – The Russell Howard Hour – Season 4


Opinion: I find him so funny and I love his little factoids.


the third day

15th – The Third Day – Season 1


Opinion: The trailer for this looked so intense and it has Noamie Harris in it.




14th – Wireless – Season 1


Opinion: This looked so good out of all the Quibi shows I think this is going to be the best.



why women kill

11th – Why Women Kill – Season 1


Opinion: A very intriguing premise and a stellar cast with Lucy Liu in it.



21st – Evil – Season 1


Opinion: This is done by the creators of The Good Wife and I love that show so I am excited to see what this is about.



BBC Three

awkwafina is nora from queens

13th – Awkwafina is Nora from Queens – Season 1


Opinion: I love Awkwafina she is so inspiring to me.


As always keep geeking!


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