Father of the Bride Review

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This film is about a father that has a blissful life with a son and a daughter plus a beautiful wife. His daughter is about to come from studying abroad for a few months. Little does he know the bomb she is going to drop on him I think you can guess by the title. However, Banks is not the most calm of fathers as most are and he tends to overreact just a smidge which leads to some pretty hilarious scenes. However, the fun does not begin until you meet the wedding coordinator, Franck.

My Thoughts:

I have been watching this film with my mum’s side of the family for years over and over again and I love it. It is definitely in my top ten films of all time. I used to wish that Steve Martin was my dad I mean who could ask for a better dad or husband in this film. There is something just so magical about this film that I can’t explain it just has that perfect romcom feel to it that as girl or woman inspires you to believe in true love.

So the plot of this film couldn’t be simpler a girl bringing home the love of her life and she is getting married but it is the film’s focus on the details of wedding planning and those situations that you have experienced or heard about that make the film fantastic. I love the in-law scene there is nothing in the film that made me laugh so much and the dogs they are so scary. I like that there are consistent bumps in the road of the plot as you are just waiting to see what Banks will come up with or complain about next.

The characters in this film are so warm and fuzzy that you fall in love with them instantly. I think my favourite has to be Franck who just always gets the most laughs out of me and just the way he walks and bobs his head at the same with so much concentration is hilarious. His own language is fascinating and funny. Diane Keaton is the sweetest most supportive mother character in any film I have seen but also she has these great witty lines like in the police station. Banks is just greatest father character ever all fathers should aspire to be this father he is so perfect. Matty is the cutest little brother especially the scene with the cars and his friend. Annie what lovely character and so inspiring and funny especially when she is having the talk with her dad in her bedroom after her fight with Brian. Brian wow he is annoying and likes to make way to many speeches but you just know he is going to be a great husband.

I love this film so much if you are looking for a film to inspire you back into love then this is the film for you its filled with soppy romance, hilarious jokes and situations that will leave you totally melted inside. It is also a great film to watch with all your family because you can all relate and have a good laugh. I hope I have a father of the bride wedding one day.

5 stars

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