Bones Season 1 Ep9-12 Review

Info = Where you can watch it = Amazon Prime Where you can buy it = Season 1 Episode 9 The man in box delivered at Christmas. This follows the team working on a man who may have been exposed to a type of deadly fungus. So they are under quarantine and have to solve the case. In this episode there is so much character development it is so heart warming. Plus it is just the saddest most beautiful episode ever. I cried twice. Bones I think we see so many sides of her and you grow to love her character even more in this episode! It is just a fantastic episode. Episode 10 This episode was like being given a reality check for how you perceive beauty today. This case follow a woman who was found on a beach near an airport but the mystery is not only how she was killed but who she was what was her name or background. Also back at the Jeffersonian the men are having a tussle over an ancient skeleton that needs to be authenticated which is where boss man comes in and causes some tension. The banter was great in this episode as it was subtle and mean especially with Hodgins and Goodman. There was also a huge sense of realism as to what some shady places are like and how they suck people in with their promises. It was very sad and by the end of the episode you wonder why people always want to change the way they are instead of just enjoying life. It was definitely a thinker. Episode 11 This was such a complex case but also so compelling to watch. This followed the case of a burned corpse and a missing boy plus a man who is about do go in front of a grand jury to give evidence against the company he used to work for. This was an emotional case for the team especially Booth which was so beautiful to see and great representation of sensitive men. I really enjoyed the comedy side of this episode which was the security woman coming to talk to everyone. As their personalities really come out through their conversations. This was a great all round episode. Episode 12 The superhero episode whether you believe in them or not there are people that decide to be superheroes in real life. This episode follows the death of one of these superheroes. But is it as simple as one superhero against another or is there more? This episode has a bit of a special place in my heart as I am a huge geek and love superheroes. I think the combination of the circumstance of this death were so beautifully handled but I can’t tell you much as it would give it away too much so you’ll just have to watch it. More on the way! As always keep geeking! Where you can Support Lebanon: Don’t forget to say Hi to me on Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Goodreads: Instagram: © 2020 Emily Claire Cannings

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