Breaking Dawn PT1 Film Review

Genre = Fantasy, Vampires, Romance, Action Info  = Where to Buy = Where to Watch = Netflix Synopsis: So after the peculiar events of the last film it really starts to get even weirder I mean full demon strange. So basically Bella and Edward get married which is adorable and so white and beautiful I hope my wedding looks half as good as that. Then off they pop on their honeymoon to an exotic island off of Brazil where they swim, play chess and get down to it. As it says everywhere what comes after sex in marriage? Well yes you guessed it but the problem is will they both survive?
 My Thoughts: This is a beyond weird and creepy film I really don’t know how this was ever made I mean okay if they weren’t trying to make it sound like a normal relationship it would be an interesting film look into a demon baby but as it stands it is just wrong on so many levels. So the wedding was lovely and really if I am honest it would have been so nice if he had just changed her then and they lived happily ever after and maybe then started a feud with the voltore or something like that. It would have been a more intriguing plot line than oh she is having a demon baby will she survive? The whole conflict between the wolf pack made the film slightly more bearable as it gave the film some real tension not just vampire staring tension which by this point in the series really annoys me because it is the same expression. I like that you see a different side to Jacob’s character although by the end he does seem a little weirdly obsessed. I have watched this film about three times and every time I sit after watching it I feel just completely creeped out but also like I don’t care about these characters anymore. They are just characters who are predictable and sad for me. I feel like the birth scene was too much and was not at all a scene that worked in the story’s favour. As it made it seem like a horror part of the film with some action which just made it even creepier. That whole scene didn’t sit right in that film or with me. Overall, it is just a very strange film and their are a lot of things I don’t agree with and I just think its a really badly made film that needed a huge amount of restructuring. 1 star As always keep geeking! Where you can Support Lebanon: Don’t forget to say Hi to me on Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Goodreads: Instagram: © 2020 Emily Claire Cannings

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