Kitty and the Moonlight Rescue Review

Genre = Animals, Children’s Fiction, 5-8 Fiction, Adventure, Fantastical Author = Paula Harrison and Jenny Lovlie Info  = Where to Buy = Synopsis: This is basically Catwoman when she was just figuring out her powers. This is an adorable story about a little girl called Kitty who knows she has special powers but doesn’t know how to use them yet. However, with the help of Figaro the cat she can help save the day. My Thoughts: I don’t know what it is but 5-8 books are so good and cleverly written lately that I am handing them off to the little people in my life as soon as I have read it. This one in particular was such a magical adventure that included adorable costumes and cats I mean what more could you ask for really. The main character is called Kitty, this adorable little girl whose a bit nervous about her new powers but she has this courage that I wish I had when I was her age or even now. I think what I like about this character for children today is that she is human and does make mistakes but she keeps trying and helping. I think being helpful is an important quality and that is what the story is about not just saving the day. I love the night time colours in this book the use of black, white, silver and that sunset orange gives it that little bit of suspense with this completely warm and cosy look. That use of the moon to put the text in and have the illustration around it is beautiful and also is a focusing technique. My favourite illustration has to be towards the end when they are walking through a gate and kitty is carrying a ginger on her shoulder and it is just the most adorable illustration on the planet plus it has that promise of friendship blossoming. This book was a joy to read as it was a simple read that just brought tingles to your heart. It has some fantastic characters from the courageous main character Kitty to the hilarious and cynical Figaro who I love and want as a talking cat. This is a great book for seven years old upwards to enjoy and there are more in the series coming. This a great superhero adventure and a kind story that I really enjoyed. 5 stars As always keep geeking! Where you can Support Lebanon: Don’t forget to say Hi to me on Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Goodreads: Instagram: © 2020 Emily Claire Cannings

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