Daredevil Season 1 Ep1-4 Review

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Season 1

Episode 1

I went into this series with no prior knowledge to it as I haven’t read my Daredevil comic (I know it is bad) and have tried to read as little about it as possible as I really wasn’t sure about this series. When it came out I heard mixed things and for a long time it didn’t feel like my thing. But you know me I never say no to trying a new TV show. So this is about a man who is a blind crime fighting lawyer who has just started his firm with his best mate.

I am not sure if I like this concept, potentially it could be good but there was something missing from this episode that didn’t make me latch on until right at the end of the episode. I don’t think I like Daredevil as a character because I feel he is not much of a character at the moment plus his smugness kind of annoys me. However, he may grow on me as we learn more about him and the reasons he is a superhero.

His partner Foggy I liked a lot as a character almost like his civilian Robin with Daredevil as Batman. He also brings good humour to the series and is a loveable character. The first case was thrilling and intriguing plus nicely tied into the overarching plot of the series. Although huge crime syndicate tied together with a massive corporation felt typical but it is all about how it turns out as to whether it is defined as typical. Karen, I liked her a lot as a character she clearly has a lot hiding in her closet that is very intriguing. Also she is stubborn and headstrong which I love in characters as I’m a bit like that. Overall, an intriguing very packed episode that drew me in by the end but I am not sold on the main character. It has potential but will it reach it is the question.

Episode 2

This episode follows Daredevil in a situation with the kidnapped boy from what happened in the last episode. You also see more his history what happened to his dad and why he was such a big influence in his life. Then there is also a new friend that he meets that is sort of like his conscious. The other two, Foggy and Karen are getting to know each other by getting drunk all over town.

This episode I found very weird I think because the flow of the storyline didn’t work at all. It felt broken and lacked purpose sure the story of the boy being kidnapped was good idea but needed to be development more. You could see they were trying to make a connection with Daredevil and the boy but it didn’t work as well as it could have. The bits with Claire I enjoyed as it was like having a devil and an angel in the situation. The history of Daredevil’s childhood was beautifully done and really fascinating. I hope it gets better.

Episode 3

What a touch and go episode with everything hanging in the balance. This episode we follow the guys, Matt and Foggy taking on a new case from a suspicious man that doesn’t give his name and works for some big wig in town. The person they are defending is man who did a serious crime at the beginning of the episode but seems to understand a lot of the legal jargon that is required in this case. While their assistant is sorting out her own issues Union Allied Construction but will she sign the document or will she stand up for what she believes in? Daredevil is slowly seeing the consequences of his work.

I found this episode an interesting one to watch with lots of twists and turns in the case in terms of how exactly they are going get this guilty man off. The fight between Daredevil and the guy was really well choreographed as you were just on the edge of seat as both were at almost equal fighting ability. The part with Karen and her case with Union Allied Construction was interesting and a good build up to a larger case and maybe more connections to this big boss that just hired Foggy and Matt. This episode was very much like a neatly wrapped present there was no gaps or rips in the paper which I think is why I didn’t love it as much. Also the rhythm and connection between the main characters still isn’t quite there yet which I find a bit irritating. I think this case would have been better in a episode further into the series. I really want to know more about this priest there is obviously lots to uncover there.

Episode 4

An intense that episode that will leave you scared for the characters you have started to get attached to. Foggy is not sure whether or not they are doing the right thing and whether that attractive offer from their time at the big law firm was a better option for them. While Daredevil is continuing his issue with the two Russian brothers by getting into even more scrapes and ending up at Claire’s. However, is that a good thing or will it end being even more of a problem. On the other side, Karen is not letting up on Union Allied Construction but has she finally got a partner in crime?

This was an episode that built even more on the suspense of this mysterious boss figure and what he and his suit with the glasses man, Mr Wesley can do which made it a suspenseful and thrilling watch. This show is certainly not light on the violence and how it can lead to even more violence and it is the way it escalates and the tipping point that interests me in this TV show. Matt is certainly starting to grow on me in this episode although he is still a mystery. Fisk is now out in the open and wooing a beautiful woman but is this step into the light his demise I believe so but I am curious to see how it plays out.

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