Tea Dragon Society Review

Genre = Comics, Fantasy, LGBTQIA, Friendship, Love

Author = Katie O’Neill

Info  = https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34895950-the-tea-dragon-society?ac=1&from_search=true&qid=TQJ9sk5D3u&rank=1


This is a graphic novel about Greta who lives with her mother forging swords and other things. However, that is not all she is interested in, she wants to explore more of what is out in the world especially, Tea. Now Tea in this magical world is very different from what you might imagine it to be. It is not just an art form it includes dragons. One day Greta finds one all alone in the market so she goes to return it. What she will find is a place that she never knew she needed that has so many stories to tell and people to meet.

My Thoughts:

I loved this graphic novel it is a beautiful expression of love and kindness how that can bring such wonder and happiness to the world. This is a world that will completely capture you and you will want to know everything about the history of each of the people and the different crafts that were created. Also if there were battles in the people’s past. This is the first in the series so it gives you a glimpse into some of these matters but leaves a lot of it up to your imagination and interpretation which is something that I love in a story as it makes me want to find out more and get answers.

That is graphic novel is the start of all the questions you could possibly imagine you want answered even out of our own reality. This shows how well the world moulds around the struggles of our society with relation to certain issues. Particularly love across all genders and what part traditional practices play in the future society we are building. I think that the learning of certain trades and practices is a way of doing something that promotes love and care which I believe as we have became lazier through many factors we have lost that sense in what we do. This graphic novel shows that sense beautifully as after reading it you just feel like you want to pick up a trade so you can pass it down through the generations of different people in order to create beauty in the world. You can really see how much this graphic novel affects you and makes you think about the way you do things and interact with people.

The characters are interesting people with pasts that you know you’d want to explore with over a cup of dragon tea. My favourite character would have to be Greta because she is the most curious character and she just wants to soak up all the knowledge around her which reminds me of me as I always want to know more because my philosophy is there always more you can learn. I also love Hesekiel as I adore wise people and he looks and sounds like the wisest person on the earth. Those wise people always come out with the best sayings like he does which is such a cool trait to have. He also has this past that intrigues me plus so much to teach and reveal about his world.

The artwork in this graphic novel is beyond stunning it just has this glow about it that oozes happiness. Whenever I look at it I instantly get happy butterflies that is partly due to the cuteness of all the dragons. I have never seen such beautiful and cuddly animals as soon as I saw them I was like they must turn these into cuddly toys. Also the expressions of all the characters create such a warmth and care to the world that you would happily just like to jump in and live there with them. I love the landscapes they are breathtaking and remind of the serene and calm feeling of a Japanese garden.

Overall the is an incredible piece of storytelling that will not only inspire people to love and to care for people and animals but also our traditions. I have never felt so warm and fuzzy after reading a graphic novel and the fact that there is more to this story brings me such joy, I can’t wait. If you are looking for something to cheer you up this dreary year then this is the graphic novel series for you, filled with love and magic that it’ll make you sparkle with joy.

5 Stars

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