The Land of Roar Review

Genre = Fantasy, Adventure, Children’s Fiction, 9-12 Fiction.

Author = Jenny McLachlan, Ben Mantle (Illustrations)

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This is a magical story about a brother and sister that go to stay with their peculiar grandfather for a holiday. But he has asked them to clean out the attic which is so not fun. But there is a folding bed that Arthur remembers playing with but what were they playing when they used to? I guess you’ll have to go into the fold to find out?


My Thoughts:

This was one of those truly magical stories that captures your heart completely throughout. I really enjoyed that it was inspired by Narnia in terms of the concept and that realisation of pure wonder when you come into the world is something I just love to recreate in my head over and over again as it is when you are most yourself.

The dynamic duo of Arthur and Rose is quite rocky at the start which I like as you you know there is a connection that is deep but you go on journey with them to find it again and develop their friendship. Arthur is a wonderful character that you love instantly and you want him to keep his beliefs and stay his Peter Pan self forever. Plus he is someone you can relate to a lot. Well they both are with their own little mannerism and their behaviour to each other. Rose firstly I love that is her name as I have a surrogate Grandma whose name is that in Turkish so I already love her. Even though she is annoying at first but then she surprises you.

The plot of this book has a great flow of twists and turns that makes sure you are glued to the page one hundred per cent. The book has a clear path which worked well in giving that balance of plot and world building. The monster in it, WOW what a great name Crowky plus he was so creepy. I loved the dragons in this book they were so cool. Especially, the artwork of them was just stunning especially the one of Rose riding the dragon, that face gives you hope and courage.

Overall, I truly love this book it took me back to a place that I thought I had lost. A place of utter wonder and awe. A fantastic world and writing plus I can’t wait to read the next in the series. It is a fantastic book for those who love magical adventures that take you back to your childhood and perfect for eight years old upwards.

5 Stars

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