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Genre = YA, thriller, action, dystopian, SCI-FI

Author = Joelle Charbonneau

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This story follows Meri who lives in a futuristic version of Chicago where everything is done on screens and there is not a page or a book to be found in her world anymore, due to the governments crack down on recycling. However is that really the reason for no paper? Her mother was a influential artist in the city art programme. She was working on a canvas piece before she got into car accident and died but is that really what happened? Will her paintings give a clue to a whole new world that Meri never knew existed?

My Pitch To You:

I found this book a bit hard to get into at first but as soon as she met Atlas I was completely hooked and couldn’t put it down it just gave me this feeling that I had to go on I had to know what happened next because it is such a close story to where our society could go in the future. In terms of how we are constantly discussing the subject of fake news and how much information the government gives us about what it is doing to help the country. Reading this book in the midst of the Coronavirus made me hopeful for a better future especially as people are starting to stand up for what they believe in.

The plot of this book is very much like a classical piece of music in the sense that has movements where it builds you up slowly and then towards the end of the second movement: the realisation and then the explosion happens and you almost can’t breathe because the suspense is so good. Through that slow build up you have become so attached to the characters through their struggles with what is really going on and what is happening in front of them. Another thing I liked about this book is that every reaction had a consequence and I think that represented how much it takes to push a movement forward that is especially shown through the ending. I like that you know that sacrifices have been made but you still don’t know how big they are and how much they will affect the movement. I loved the way she drip fed you the information of the movement for instance what it was about so I sort of knew but there was always more explore which I hope she goes into more detail in the next book.

The characters were fantastic each one of them fitted perfectly into this web of deception that you couldn’t wait to uncover who was on which side and still even at the end your not quite sure because it isn’t black and white like real life it’s all circumstantial. Meri was really good main character she had that mixture of curiosity and fight in her that I think most people will find relatable. The situation with her dad made you understand her more and make that connection with her as she was just doing her best. Atlas, he was by far my favourite character because he had that mystery to him and I felt that you almost couldn’t trust him because he was so unpredictable which made me like him even more. I enjoyed the fact that a big part of him and Meri’s friendship was that connection about their parents as it sort of repeated history in a way of a teacher and pupil about the movement. I really want to know more about Atlas I feel like not much is revealed about him. Her friend Rose was a nice side friendship that is someone that is in between the two worlds which gave me many perspectives of how this futuristic world looks to people. Scarlett I was just annoyed at her because she is such a small role and the opposition to Meri but feel like she will play a bigger role in the next book. Spine I wanted more from her character I can imagine she has some incredible stories to tell I feel like she would be a great spin off book.

Overall, this is just a great book I really can’t fault it apart from the slow start but even that once you get to the end you understand why she was easing you into it to get the sense that something wasn’t quite right but you had to figure it out on your own because from a blind eye it seems like the country has developed and grown but as I read some little moments just started to get the sense that why is it that like that which is what made me hooked. If you are a fan of YA thrillers or great stories or want a new series that only slightly SCI-FI then please check this book out. I loved reading it; fantastic characters and story that will leave you wanting more after that ending.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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