Captain Marvel Volume 2: Stay Fly

Genre = YA, Comic, Superhero, Fantasy, Marvel

Author = Kelly Sue DeConnick, Marcio Takara, David López

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We continue our adventures with Captain Marvel as she battles a buyer that wants her kittens. Plus a hero from her childhood needs her help. Lastly she is home in time for Christmas shopping but is she safe?

My Pitch To You:

I’ll admit I was expecting more action packed from this volume since the last volume was filled with so much action. However, it was a nice relax then build up towards the end to get you revved up for the ultimate battle. The plot of the whole volume flowed beautifully and intertwined some character backstory that made those sub plots even more enjoyable.

Captain Marvel in this comic is a lot more vulnerable than in the film which I love as she comes across a relatable young woman trying to figure out the best thing to do. Her friendship with her sidekick is awesome as it is a sweet sisterly love that has great banter and a deeper connection between the two.

The dialogue in this volume was fabulous especially when you meet the wedding people I will say no more it’s hilarious. Kelly really portrayed that sadness through the dialogue at the end beautifully of loss and family.

The art was big and bold with incredible bright colours which at certain points in the comic lifts the mood perfectly. My favourite piece of art is the kitten out of the bag which you will understand when you see it as it is just pure joy and cuteness. The other piece of art I love is the end, the Christmas scene it is just so magical and gives you feelings of Christmas.

Overall, this is a great fun comic that I would say you can give to younger ages like nine upwards it’s fun, adventurous, magical and girl power! I really enjoyed it and that cliff hanger at the end has me pumped for more. If your a fan of the character or love a kick-ass woman with a big heart you’ll love this comic.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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