The Mandalorian Season 1 Pt1 Ep1-4 Review

Season 1

Episode 1

I was so excited when this TV show was announced I mean Star Wars bounty hunter series what more do I need apart from the amazing Baby Yoda (I know I should call him The Child but this name is cuter). This episode follows us meeting the Mandalorian then getting his first bounty then embarking on the bounty that will change his life forever.

I love that we have have a droid in this episode they are simply the most hilarious and cool things on the planet. Those animals, Blurrgs which he rides on are so peculiar but I can see how you would fall in love with them. Kuiil, has such a great presence as a character and the ending is just so perfect and so Star Wars. Plus there is a monster battle I mean it is just such a cool start to a series.

Episode 2

What a great episode from Jawa Jawas to a Mud Horn battle. After retrieving The Child/baby Yoda he finds that his ship has been stripped of all its parts by the Jawa Jawa’s. The question is can he manage to negotiate with these strange and irritating creatures to get his parts back? Plus Baby Yoda does something that will surprise everyone but what?

There are so many exciting things happening in this episode, the one thing I really love and now say to people is the catch phrase “I have spoken” it is very effective (lol). It is a thrilling episode especially in the Mud Horn battle. Baby Yoda is so adorable and I can’t take my eyes off him and what he does in this episode I was just so worried about him. The conversation at the end is so peculiar, funny but also sad because you kind of wish he would go with him.

Episode 3

After dropping off the precious cargo Mandalorian takes his reward and decides to get a new set of armour. However, something is nagging at him in the back of his mind. So he goes to get another job to distract him from that feeling that something is not quite right. He picks up a new bounty but it doesn’t feel right he must go back to find out what they plan to do with The Child?

This is an episode of few words well generally the whole TV show is but this particularly episode you really feel the tension between the characters through their expressions for example when he is picking up his next bounty and he discusses the cargo and the bit at the end on the ship because you can see there is a code that binds him and Greef. The battle at the end was super cool especially with the weapons from the Mandalorian side. I wish that he would have come across The Client again when he went back it would have led to an intriguing conversation. Nonetheless an epic conclusion to a nagging feeling that something is not quite right with this situation.

Episode 4

In this episode after retrieving The Child again the Mandalorian looks for a safe heaven for him and the Child to lay low for a while. Little do they know what they have gotten themselves into stopping at Sorgan. This planet is home to a town where the villagers farm krill from the ponds where they both find a sanctuary of sorts. However, danger lurks in the shadows of the forest for the villagers can the Mandalorian rid this village of the danger with a mysterious helper?

I loved the introduction of Cara she has that badass but cool calm look about her I hope we get to see more of her. She has this warmness and obviously an interesting past that I want to know more about. It was so adorable to see the Child settling down with all the village children you couldn’t not help feel like a proud parent at that moment. The battle scene was really good felt like you were in the middle of a crusade battle. I enjoyed that you connected so much with the villagers as it continued that mission of the Mandalorian of following his gut. I think also all these episode have wider context to the Star Wars universe so they may seem a bit dull if you are not totally invested in the universe but do persevere.

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