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Genre = Fantasy, Comic, Adventure

Author = Ken Garing

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This comic follows a young man who lives on one of the many islands of Altara that are not your average islands as these are floating in the sky. This young man’s name Amaro and little does he know the destiny that awaits him round the corner. As one day his island is invaded by Domus soldiers and his teacher tells him to flee and keep a scroll safe and find Gogor. But who or what is Gogor? How will Gogor help defeat the Domus army and restore peace to the islands of Altara? He will need the help of friends who each have an intriguing past.

My Pitch To You:

I received this as an galley from Image Comics. Thank you so much for sending it to me. It is an unusual story that has so much potential as a lot of the islands in Altara are not mentioned in this comic so there is room for alternate stories and to expand the universe which I am very excited to explore. The world has a lot of similarities to modern day particularly in one issue where he Amaro goes to a city that is under Domus rule and they are all on these devices that look like mobile phones and are oblivious to what is going on around them. I was surprised how much I enjoyed this comic as I think I was expecting some silly adventure story about a green monster but this comic is steeped in the conflict of war and mythology.

The artwork in this comic is beautiful especially the colour palette, they use all these greens with the design Gogor who looks like this cuddly green mossy Hulk that you just know would be the sweetest friend. I loved the design of the pink spaceship it gave off quite a Star Trek feel with it being angular. I loved the landscapes of the different islands they were stunning and very picturesque I think my favourite would be the waterfall there is just something about them that makes me calm plus there is water and I love being in the water. The soldiers using wasps as their flying appendage makes them look so hilarious but also wasps creep me out so good choice. There are so many cool animals in this comic that resemble dragons and dinosaurs I was in heaven staring into the artwork.

The dialogue in this comic gave a little bit of history towards the islands, the scroll and gogor how they all were connected which I enjoyed but I would really like to know more. I was hoping for a little narration to give more background but it is very much about the present conflict than the past but maybe he might go into the more if there is another volume or a spin off. The fight scene between Gogor and Thunderball had a funny one liner and him as a character was full of these ridiculous ‘dad joke’ sayings that made you dislike him even more. I wanted Gogor to speak and I was a little disappointed that he didn’t because I feel if he did speak he would be a Yoda like character. Armano was a great character to have as a lead because he took you on a journey of self discovery but never forgot his true purpose of saving his friends. Dolni was awesome an character I loved her hair and how wise she was I want to know more about her story because she would have such great stories to tell.

This comic was a great introduction to a rich world full of history and turmoil that needed to be fixed with the help of a hero. I am not sure if this is turning into a series but I would really like it to be as it has such great potential and the artwork in it is stunning and green. I feel like this is a comic you could give to teenagers to read as it talks about interesting themes of how much you take out of the environment and how much you give back to it and that idea of being oblivious to the pain that is going on around you. It fantastic little comic that fans of saga will like because of the world created and for those who love a good thinker comic.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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