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So what if the government decide to create a special task force like no other ever seen before well welcome to Task Force X. What is it you may ask well let me tell you. This team is made up of the craziest criminals on the planet including Harley Quinn, El Diablo, Deadshot and a few others. However, there is one woman who controls them at that Ms Waller. How does she do that? Well she keeps a nano wire bomb in their necks. Plus their lieutenant in command Flank has a love interest that is surely not human. How will they all survive?

My Pitch To You:

This film is honestly so hard to because I think the plot and dialogue is not great but it has some of my favourite characters and actors in it that just makes me want to watch it. It is that age old thing of character/actor’s work so much on the project that it overrides your thinking of whether it is a good film or not and this happened with me in this film. I mean it is really hard to do team up films for superheros. In my mind the only two that have done it really well is Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy so I think DC has some learning to do with these types of films.

Don’t get me wrong some of these characters are my favourite in the DC universe especially Harley Quinn she is just incredible and hilariously crazy. I liked that you saw so much of her backstory and how she became who she was but I have to say those bits with the Joker confused the premise because you think it’s turning into a Joker and Harley movie. Plus I am not really a fan of Jared Leto as the joker. He is a over the top Heath Ledger Joker. Plus they kept hinting that Harley and Deadshot might be a thing which was even more confusing. I did love Deadshot‘s character I think he had that cheeky tortured soul down perfectly. The bits with his daughter kept the film grounded in reality brought up that question o f having two lives as a superhero.

There were a lot of characters in the team. In my opinion too many for you to be able to connect with all of them. I think what would have been better is to keep it at just four or five characters and to introduce each one when it is necessary as it felt like you were rushed into thinking this was a make shift team and in the comic it is one comes and one goes off which I think is a better way to operate. Also some of these characters really felt like a dud for instance Boomerang he was just so annoying and useless likewise Killer Croc didn’t even get a back story which in some ways may have been the most interesting one. Katana as well was just dropped into the mix which annoyed me so much as this character is so cool that it looks like they thought ‘oh we need another woman lets put her in’ so disappointing. They put Batman in a few shots and for me that was such a cheap trick and basically them trying to tie all these characters to the DC universe but also thinking that people only want to hear about Batman and Superman it is so annoying.

The plot for this film was sloppy it was basically just a covert mission with some background information slapped in which lacked flow and the culmination of some sort of team. I know that they are not really a team but there were times when they forced them to act like a team and it was painful. I think if when we get the next in the series they really have to step up game with the plot and dialogue as it is just grunts and commands which alright if I am watching a war film fine but not a superhero film. Also they complete didn’t capitalise on the fact that El Diablo has some connection to the enchantress world. Plus I love Joel Kinnaman and I think they just made his character so irritating and pathetic and it saddens me because that dynamic between him and The Enchantress could have been used to create some real tension.

Overall, it is very clear that DC didn’t know what they were trying to achieve in this film in terms of moving the franchise in some sort of direction which was the biggest disappointment because there are some great characters in DC but they are being walked all over by the studio. This studio really needs to step up their game otherwise you are going to loose a huge amount of interest from your audience. I liked bits of it and the Enchantress is an interesting concept but felt like it was the dullest character ever. All in all this is just a disappointing superhero film with so many cool parts to it that could have been done better. But I do think Waller’s character was amazing and really what you need in that film. Please do better next time DC I love this series.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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