DC Rebirth Titans Volume 1: The Return of Wally West Review

Genre = YA, comic, superhero, SCI-FI

Author = Dan Abnett, Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, Andrew Dalhouse, Carlos M. Mangual, Carrie Strachan

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So something very odd has happened to The Flash, he seems to be running but not in anyone’s reality. However, can he get back to his own reality to fix what is going to happen and prevent what may happen. In this story we see The Flash going back to find his pals but they don’t have many of the memories that The Flash have or sort of remember him which might be a hurdle in his plan. Can they figure out who is behind this sudden memory loss and be a team again. At the same time The Flash’s one true love doesn’t remember him either and there seem to be alternate versions of themselves running around causing havoc but who are they and what the hell is going on?

My Pitch To You:

I am not going to lie I did find this comic a little confusing at first but managed to get my head round all the time looping and issues which were very interesting concepts. I enjoyed that it didn’t consistently jump timelines as that would have just sent my brain into a spiral. It is definitely a cool idea what they are trying to do and while the inner monologue of The Flash that remembers everything is helpful at times. A lot of that narration is an irritating inner monologue about his love for Linda or explain the situation over again and that got tedious fast. I was more looking for half inner monologue and the rest to be little nuggets of suggestions of glitchy memories of his past.

I loved that you had the team battling earlier versions of themselves that was really cool and interesting to see the development of their costumes alongside each other. The bad versions of themselves were quite predictable in what they did and said. However, my favourite was Donna because of her costume I prefer the red to the dark grey/ blue that her other version has on. In terms of The Flash as a character he was very one sided in that he was there on a mission and that was really it which was sad because you kind of wanted him to bond a bit more although I loved his costume very cool and sporty. I found Abra Kadabra the most annoying and boring villain on the planet, his powers were slightly interesting in terms of how he could manipulate time but really that costume and his evilness was just like an evil magician that you find in a kids comic. He just felt like a distraction and I found his moves very predictable.

The plot of this comic is an interesting one in terms of piecing all the different time lines together but honestly it is very action based and goes from one battle to the next not really looking at the significance. It would have been better if each battle altered something in the original versions of themselves I know I have made it more complex in my head but I just feel they didn’t mess around with the ideas of this time and memory issue and that may be because they were restricted in what they could do but it just disappointed me a little. Also the dialogue was really not what it could have been I noticed this more and more as I read comics if the dialogue doesn’t fit the story I am really not going to enjoy it and this was sadly the issue here combined with the stereotypical inner monologue from the Flash. I wanted them to bring out more personal experiences together in the dialogue so that I could connect to them more.

Although the artwork in this comic I found very interesting in terms of doing like spot the difference between the costumes of their double to see how they had manifested. I think my favourite would have to be cloak woman Omen because of the way her costume just floated her into a scene made her very creepy but intriguing. I want to know more about her powers. I found Abra Kadabra’s costume so typical and boring that I was really annoyed at it and with the moustache your just like come on jazz him up more he is a magician even if was the classic with tiny detail changes it would have made him more of a threat because the way he looks now is an annoyance rather than like a bad guy. There were some fantastic full page spreads in this comic the one right at the end of one of the issues with Abra Kadabra being oversized and the team running to save the day that was awesome and would make a great poster.

All in all this had the bones of a good comic but just didn’t follow through with the plot in terms of creating a good enough villain or enough tension in the battle scenes. I just wanted a whole lot more from a team up comic. I am hoping this was just them getting started as with the teaser at the end of this volume it makes me have hope but we shall see. So if you are looking for a chill out comic with not much happening but love The Flash then you’ll like this one. I would also give this to a young age as there isn’t much violence in it and it is more of a 13 year olds story.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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