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I, Tonya

Genre = Biography, Comedy, Drama

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This is a film about an infamous figure skater from America called Tonya Harding who was incredible power house of a skater but because of her tough upbringing was not seen by the skating officials as a serious contender despite her talent. This is her story of how she got herself to the Olympics and the scary and interesting situations she got into along the way. This is based on a true story.

My Pitch To You:

I think this is an incredible film that gives me tingles every time I watch it because of the tension that you have when she comes out onto the ice and you think of all the things that could go wrong and you are rooting for her. I find it fantastic that they were able to recreate that amazing sports atmosphere from this film as it really drove the pace of the film. I can’t believe how nearly no one in the industry stepped in and pushed for this girl to get the right help and endorsements apart from her coach it just makes me so sad that she tried so hard and they didn’t recognise her talent as being something to invest in instead they just saw her background. I feel like these opinions are still around and haven’t changed much in our world today which makes me so disappointed in our society (rant over).

I loved the way it changed from widescreen to a full screen ( I believe those are the right terms but correct if I am wrong as I love to learn) for some of the interviews as it felt more like it was an interrogation of what the truth really was from many different perspectives. It really worked well for the audience to see those characters giving their opinions because you kind of knew who you loved and hated plus to see if they had changed at all from the time of the event. I loved Tonya I think she really tried her best to be the best at what she knew how to do and I think it was incredible she survived that long as person and in that relationship. Margot did an incredible job of showing how difficult it was for that character to work out which was a better situation for her the mother or the husband. Her mother I just can’t believe the things she did and did to her daughter. Allison Janney, gave an incredible performance because you just hated her but part of you hoped she would change. The husband wow I just hate him that’s all but the actor; Sebastian Stan did brilliant job of making you think that. The coach I just wanted her to be more than just a coach to Tonya I felt sad that she never tried to pull her out of that situation but she definitely did so much for her so you don’t totally hate her only slightly.

You can tell that this film brings out so much emotion after watching it. In my opinion it brought up some important issues about society and about people’s welfare in this film that you see but you also don’t see as a person. So after watching the film you want to do something to help so I have left some links below of charities and organisations that help with situations of abuse and sports scholarships.

The plot of this film is incredible because you go on a journey with Tonya but you also get everyone else’s interpretation at the same which stirs up that emotion in you that makes you love the film even more. It is also a plot that never lets you go for one second to think that the main character is okay its just one thing after the next which makes it thrilling to watch but also sad because this is someone’s life.

Overall, it is just film that really makes you think about the way look and judge people but also makes you sad that society really lets people down in recognising talent when it is right in front of them due to societal expectations. This film really brings up that issue of giving people a chance because nowadays everything has to be a guaranteed success. I think this a great hidden gem of a film that if you love biopics or sports films you will love it but it will also make you very annoyed at today’s society. I think she was an inspirational figure in her skating and its a shame she didn’t get to show her full potential! Image is not everything!

Links for those living in the UK who are in abusive situations or looking for Sports Scholarships:

NSPCC Organisation: nspcc.org.uk

Refuge: refuge.org.uk

Joanna Brown Trust: https://www.thejoannabrowntrust.org/

GLL Sport Foundation: https://www.gllsportfoundation.org/

SportsAid: https://www.sportsaid.org.uk/about/who-we-help/

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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