Sex Education Season 1 Pt 1 Ep1-4 Review

Season 1

Episode 1

So when my best friend Holly tells me to watch a show I instantly watch it or put on TBW (To Be Watched) list because he has the best judgement plus he knows exactly what I like. So when he told me to watch this show I was instantly hooked after the first episode. I mean Otis is just the most likeable and lovable character ever and reminds me of someone. This show is about Otis whose mum is a sex therapist and he goes to this sixth form in the middle of countryside where his classmates are struggle with all sorts of issues so he tries to help them.

I love Maeve I guess I always wanted to be the Maeve of school the edgy and pink haired girl that didn’t care what people thought of her but deep down she kind of did. The whole scenario with the headmasters son was hilarious but also really sad at the same time because you feel sorry for him as he just doesn’t get it. Wow do I not like the Ruby she is so rude and for what reason to fit in? I never understand that but maybe that’s because I never fit in. I just love this show already.

Episode 2

So episode two is centered around getting the word out it’s not as easy as it looks but lucky for Otis and Aimee is having a party. Perfect opportunity wouldn’t you think but not everything goes to plan especially with the banana demonstration.

It’s an absolutely hilarious second episode and completely depicts the utter awkwardness of house parties. I love the outfits in this episode especially the orange outfit. The first conversation Otis has with a client is just cringey but great comedy. I just love watching this show it makes me completely happy.

Episode 3

So this episode wasn’t what I expected it took a very serious tone which I liked. So Maeve has a secret that she needs Otis’ help with. Eric is struggling with Maeve and Otis’ new friendship.

Otis has an interesting client that makes you wonder about what is good in gods eyes which is also a bit strange. Otis is so kind and you just go all mushy about him. Eric you feel so sorry for because he feels like he can’t be free and you want him to be as free as a bird.

Episode 4

Well Otis has his first lesbian couple as clients and it is not strictly going to plan but he can’t figure out why. Not only that but he is having dreams about Maeve which are causing him a lot of distress. Eric is trying to be that perfect son but things are not working so well. Jean is having a builder round which stirs something in her. Then there is Jackson putting Otis in a awkward position.

I just wanted to give Otis a hug as he is got into this terribly awkward situation that he just doesn’t see a way out of. This episode is quite a sad one where I wished everything had gone a different way as I have grown so attached to these characters already. Plus that ending I just wanted to scream at my computer screen noooooooooooooo! But I shall see what the next episode brings me joy or despair?

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