The Good Wife Season 1 Pt1 Ep 1-4


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Season 1

Episode 1

This is one of my favourite TV Shows of all time its dramatic, funny, heartbreaking and gripping all at the same time. It is one of those shows that seems to every episode keep the series story and episode stories gripping and intriguing.

So this TV show is all about Alicia who was a States Attorney’s wife with two beautiful kids and a irritating mother in law. Then one day a scandal was dumped on her beautiful porch and her world crumbled to the ground. So it basically follows her picking up the pieces and getting back to the law.

This first episode follows the end of the scandal and beginning of her new life but there were flashbacks adding in the bits that were missing. So by the end of the episode you felt like you knew what had happened and which direction the show was going. The story for the episode was based on a car jacking gone wrong and the wife instead accused of murdering her ex-husband. In terms of the sub story it was intriguing and gripping throughout. Although at the end it felt like it trailed off into sunset without properly ending.

The characters were such a mixture which I always love because it brings more drama to the story. Peter you get this first impression he is an asshole and that’s really all you get which I like because you make a snap judgement and then you can develop it later over the series. Alicia you just get straight away and you can see is she is trying to what’s best for everyone. Will and Diane you only get an introduction to but not much insight. Cary he is just irritating and Kalinda I am instantly intrigued by. The kids and Jackie are just family dynamic additions until they develop later.

Overall, it is a fantastic first episode filled with mystery, drama and justice it will make want to watch every episode by the end. Anyone who loves a good drama or lawyer show like Law and Order or Suits will love this one.

Episode 2

This episode annoyed me because of the subject matter of the case and straight after the scandal of her husband it feels a bit too much to dive into for the second episode but I get they are trying to make a point. The actual case was intriguing and very detailed which kept me watching. The story is about a stripper who is accusing a wealthy young man from a high profile family of rape. I enjoyed that there were so many parts to the case to piece together like a puzzle as I love puzzles. The issue with Judge being very liberal and having to take a harsh look at the evidence to remain impartial was interesting and slightly scary.

Alicia was a badass, emotional and angry which made her performance amazing! Kalinda; I love her character she is so mysterious and intriguing but also such an enjoyable character to watch. Peter and his mother they are just such irritating characters with not much compassion and you just want to give them a wake up call. Will and Diane they are just very hotshot lawyers but not fully formed characters yet. Grace and Zack are sweet kids. Carey is just annoying. Childs you just want to shout at him as he is so rude. Overall, an interesting episode but felt too focused on the case and only snippets of character development rather than sections. A good episode but just needed more oomph!

Episode 3

So this case follows Alicia going back to her past neighbourhood. A kid she used to babysit has got mixed up in a burglary and a murder. But can she find the truth or will it be too much to dredge up all those past friends?

The case was really interesting it had a lot of twists and turns in terms of evidence and witnesses. The mix of Alicia’s background and the case gave the episode a lot of drama and intrigue. The one thing I will say is that there could have been more interaction between the boys instead of just looks.

The battling between Alicia and Carey gives a great dynamic to the show. Plus you are starting to compare them to who might the new Will or Diane which is amusing. The development between Alicia and Kalinda is fun I really enjoying watching them together on TV they are great pair. Interesting that they showed Carey’s weak side I think that gave him more humility.

Overall, I love this episode because it is the episode that shows you that this show is going to be a great, dramatic and thrilling series. Plus there is more development from the characters so you connect more with them.

Episode 4

This episode is rather complicated and at times you are thinking what the hell is going on! Basically the case in this episode is about a first case that will bring about a class action if it wins. The first case is about a man who is in a wheel chair due to taking a headache pill and now they are suing. It’s a sad reality that this is a regular occurrence but it didn’t focus on the human side much.

This case was complicated and it showed how much effort and money lawyers put into predictability and guessing which way the jury is deliberating on social dynamics and psychology. But really is it that worth it? The thing with Peter’s lawyer so awkward and also very weird because your just thinking how had he got that idea in the first place. I think Alicia handled that perfectly especially that scene when she went to his offices to drop off the package so badass.

Overall, this episode is a weird one. Personally I think they over complicated it with the case as it didn’t need so many twists and turns. The ending was so disappointing it just felt like you were cheated out of an ending. So I don’t like this episode much but it had potential.

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