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Genre = Marvel, Spider-Man, Action, Superhero

Author = Christos Gage, Clayton Crain

Info = https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/44147529-amazing-spider-man-spider-geddon


If ever thought there was not enough Spider people in the Marvel universe then you should definitely check out this comic which brings you all the incredible Spider-people together from the many universes to fight an evil I would not have expected to encounter in the world of Marvel. The are called the Inheritors and they have nasty bite that you really don’t want to experience. There are only a few roaming around in this universe but they have a plan to bring their whole family back to life or slightly immortal but they need a piece of technology that is in the possession of a certain superhero/villain? Will they get it in time to revive their dear master or will the rounding of all possible spider-people you can imagine put the odds in the favour of the good?

My Pitch To You:

I was given this as a present by my amazing friend Evelin and honestly she hit the nailed on the head with this one I absolutely loved it. I think it is the combination of doing ballet for so many years and my love of heroes that makes me love everything about the Spider-Verse and Spider-Man. As he just makes the most of his life even though life has not been kind to him and I can completely relate to that. Alright sob story over lets dive into all the great things about this comic.

This plot was one of those that seems rather simple on the surface that all the people in the Spider-Verse are coming together to fight this big group of evil villains. However, it is the relationships that have already formed within the universe and how they interact that really brings story to the next level for instance the divide between a certain group of Spider-People and the other in how to tackle the group of villains. I don’t want to tell you more about the villains because I think if I tell you more it might put you off those may not have encountered them before due to what they are (cryptic aren’t I).

There are so many characters in this comic we could be here all day going through all of them but I have to tell you some my favourites. Especially those new Spider-People that I encountered that I would have never thought existed in my wildest imagination. I will start with those ones that I never expected. The first is a Transformers Spider-Man I mean wow what a cool idea I used love the Transformers when I was a kid so this was a dream come true and a great design with such a devious face. The other has to be Cowboy Spider-Man or Web-Slinger even saying it sounds so insanely cool. He also has web pistols which look so funny and fun to use in the comic. In terms of those characters that I loved seeing involved in this story it has to be Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen it is interesting to see how they mix in with other Spider-People as they are the younger generation. There is also a definite connection together.

The artwork in this comic is insanely incredible I don’t know how they did this as their is a lot of overlapping in the panels and stories are running alongside each other in the same page. This first time I flicked through the comic I just went WOW. I really enjoyed that when you focused on a particular Spider character’s story that the art style changed for example with Spider-Cowboy which was the coolest as I love Westerns. The designs of Inheritors felt quite creepy and questioned whether you were in Marvel or Dracula world. It is hard to choose a favourite piece of artwork in such a large comic. However, the scene where Transformers Spider-Man is fighting in the rocky setting is both hilarious and so cool because I never thought that interweaving two beloved worlds would work but it does I would really like to see an animation TV show that explains his character more. The other piece of artwork I love has to be the scene with the portals in the middle I find the concept of portals just brings out the most incredible artwork as it is beyond our imagination.

Overall, I loved this comic not only because I am huge fan of Spider-Man but also I got delve more into the different Spider-People which I knew nothing about till I had encountered them in the film Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse and I knew about Silk and Spider-Gwen because they are both awesome and interesting female Spider-People. I think if you are a fan of Spider-Man this comic collection is perfect for you and also a great gift for anyone for Christmas who wants to loose themselves in webs and portals. The dialogue in this comic witty and tense so it really brings out the comradery of the group and the impeding doom of the world. Definitely check this comic out. Thank you so much Evelin for giving me the perfect Spider-Man gift.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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