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Selah & The Spades

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This story follows Selah in her final year at Haldwell School where there are different factions that run the school so that the students can have parties and enjoy themselves to all different degrees. However, there is trouble in paradise as Selah’s reign is coming to an end and there is no one to take her place. Then Paloma comes along but does she have what it takes to run the Spades the way Selah thinks she should?

My Pitch To You:

I think I was expecting too much from this film as I watched the trailer I was expecting something mixed with Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina but it unfortunately disappointed me on that front. However, it was not a bad film in fact it was a very relevant piece of drama that really got to the core of politics and how it can really consume your every thought. How so much of politics is transferred into school life with this level of suspense it shows how scary that can be.

The plot while I think I was expecting more drama throughout the plot it just had drops of drama to plant the seeds of doubt throughout this complex system of factions throughout the school. I loved the idea of the factions I think it showed how representative this school was of a political system with each one having its own issues. Unfortunately I found that the factions weren’t explained enough apart from at the beginning so then you sort of had an idea of who was in each group but also it wasn’t clear cut enough. The focus of the plot was between the Spades and the Bobbies which made for good drama but you really didn’t know what the Bobbies were about you just knew about the Spades which made me uninterested in this sub plot. The part that really made this film interesting for me was the unraveling of Selah and how and why that happened it kept my interest also the rat problem was a good added twist but it could have been done better.

In terms of characters Selah’s acting is beautiful with such a slight change in mood can set the tone for the scene and keep you wondering were it is going to go. I think she has the personality that you never know what she is going to do but you know that you want to be there to see what she does because of that unpredictability. She is a great character that was explored and pushed to the end especially in that scene at the fence I was so on edge. Paloma I felt sorry for because I really think she has no idea what life is really like but by the end she surprises you. Maxxie; he was an annoying character but a kind one so I sort of liked him but really I thought he was just used throughout the plot which made him disappointing even at the end because I thought he would step up even more drama. I think the principle as a sort of narrator was a waste of time because he just did nothing and Bobby was so annoying and didn’t really have a purpose other than to cause trouble which was boring.

Overall, this film has a lot of potential and explores it a lot through Selah but then forgets about anything else which is why I found it so disappointing to watch as it could expanded the plot a bit more to different factions and the principles of each faction. Plus the bit about her mum was unnecessary you just needed the phone call that was enough to give a why to Selah’s personality. However, it is an interesting piece of cinema on politics in different aspects of life and how that power really can drive you to madness.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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