The West Wing Season 1 Pt1 Ep 1-4


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Season 1

Episode 1

Well they certainly don’t waste time in this TV show but I guess that is grasping the authenticity of the situations in a President’s office. Yes this TV show follows the life of a fictional US President and his staff plus the many shenanigans they all get up to. With Martin Sheen at the helm as President you feel like there is a storm and then he comes in and everything is ahh. That is the best way to describe this episode which involves religious arguments, a bicycle accident and a not so great decision in someone’s love life.

I love that they start the episode with a scandal because you know how I love drama and this particular one is a pretty juicy scandal as it involves religious arguments which are constant issue in today’s society I think this episode shows how it can really stir up debates. I think my favourite character would have to be a toss up between CJ and Sam because they just lurk in the shadows but you know they are going to have the most drama centered around them. Josh has some fantastic and witty lines in this episode whoever wrote the script is a genius can’t wait for more.

Episode 2

In this episode Sam decides he wants to say goodbye to his woman friend which caused some conflict with Toby and Josh. Also the President’s doctor is off to Oman to work the question is whether he will come back? Plus Mandy is not doing as well as she would like with her candidate. CJ has a particularly awkward conversation with the Vice President about what he said.

Well I like this episode it is still in that fast paced format which means sometimes I miss things but it feels realistic. The golf thing is hilarious and nice to see that this president has a sense of humour. I don’t really like what Sam is doing because a I don’t think it will end well and the woman is happy on her own but I am curious. The thing with CJ I just wanted her to have a go at him because that so rude and sexist arr! I like the episode but it didn’t have enough of a plot but I think it was just setting up the team still.

Episode 3

With the killing of his medical doctor and other military personnel while on the way to Oman the president is not sure how to proceed in responding to this threat. However, he certainly shows how he feels about it to everyone in his staff. Not only that but CJ finds out about the Sam thing which causes widespread panic as the press is sniffing around. There is also a new body man starting who really looks like the wide eyed and scared puppy that we all would be on our first day in the White House.

The Sam thing well here it comes the predictable society opinion on what people can and cannot do because they work in certain sectors and sure both sides of the argument have a point but just chill out and do what you want to do I think. I feel so sorry for the president as I think I would feel the same sense of uncertainty in humanity if I was faced with that decision. It is definitely an intense episode.

Episode 4

So with Sam’s situation slightly under the rug there is always going to be another one lurking in the wind and this time it is Toby who has drawn the short straw with doing something that might be illegal to do with stock investing. Not only that but there is a huge bill about to be passed to do with gun law done by the president but he is five votes short and those votes really can’t fall by the wayside. However, this has some devastating consequences for Leo and his anniversary plans.

This episode was very scheming and trying to work out the best way to alleviate the situation which was fun to watch especially Josh with that young senator wow that was a priceless conversation. The Leo part was so sad and eye opening to his character as well something personal is revealed. The bit where the president comes in after taking his medication a bit too far is so hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing and he can’t remember anyone’s name. This was a really well rounded episode.

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