The Little Mermaid & Tin Soldier Review

Genre = Fairy tale, classic, children’s fiction, fantasy

Author = Hans Christian Andersen, Misha Hoekstra

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I love reading new translations of fairy tales as everyone has different bits that they pick as to how they remember these important stories that shape our morals and perception of society.

My Pitch To You:

This particular translation of The Little Mermaid is a very plot driven meaning it moves at a fast pace and goes from one action to the next with very little description which I found made the story very clinical. I think in my mind I have always had the Disney interpretation in my head and have never read an original translation so this short translation was a shock for me to read. I really thought that this story was a love story but clearly it is not. For me this story feels like a moral about greed and the harsh consequences of life which is interesting but lacks enough of a plot and character interaction to make me see it as a masterpiece.

It was not all bad news for this translation I did enjoy the description of the mermaid family and their history which looked more at their connection to each other than the fact they had tails. Overall, it was nice to read the original but for me it is not one of my favourite Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales as I think the story doesn’t develop enough for you to understand the relationship of the mermaid, the prince and the wife.

Tin Soldier (extra story)

I had no idea that the Tin Soldier was part of Hans Christian Anderson’s roster. I loved this story it was definitely my favourite of the two but that’s mainly because I love the Nutcracker story and in a way they are related. This was a thrilling but sad story which took you on a beautiful journey of love, friendship and jealousy. I fell completely in love with the Tin Soldier who broke my heart at the end. I liked that both the Tin Soldier and the ballerina were different materials as it showed how far love can go. I enjoyed that he tied in the idea of fate with the Tin Soldier. This was the perfect little story and one I would love to tell to my children and it ended in the heartbreaking but perfect way.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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