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Into The Night

Genre = Action, Crime, Comedy

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This film follows Diana who is coming out of a door with a man who meets his death instantly and she manages to escape her own only by jumping onto a car bonnet. The man inside the car is Ed who has been insomniac for a long time but he can’t seem to figure out why. So one day he drives home in the middle of a work day as he is so exhausted in the hope of getting some sleep. Unfortunately he finds his wife in bed with another man so he decides to drive and keep driving which is how he ends up in LAX car park with woman on his bonnet. Can she escape the men chasing her and will he ever get some sleep?

My Pitch To You:

I really loved this film I wasn’t expecting to as I had got to a point in watching lots of Universal Pictures films on my Amazon Prime Channel before it ended that there was clear theme of being disappointed because a lot of the films I was watching were average and didn’t make feel any emotion apart from boredom if you can call it one. So when I decided to watch this film I knew it had two great lead actors who I loved so I had some hope but the film really blew me away as this was by far one of the best films I had watched on the channel. It had that great mixture of thrilling drama and not knowing what was going to happen next.

The plot was great because it started with this absolutely ridiculous beginning scene that immediately grabbed your attention and then it developed the story further into something unexpectedly amusing and even more ridiculous scenarios. I loved the bit where they introduced Diana’s brother I was not expecting that he would have that obsession or that beautiful car I would love to one like that. I enjoyed that it was all about the chase because it led to some great car chases especially the one with the taxi driver that bit at the end was so funny. The ending was a trick because you just completely set on what was happening and then it just flips it on its head.

The characters were fabulous in this film as it was a mixture of intriguing side characters and two fascinating lead characters that pushed the film into this question of what is really going on and how the hell are they going to get out of this mess. I really loved Diana’s character because it could very easily have been that her character was a secret agent but no she was just a woman who trying to find her way in life. Also the way she asked Ed to stay with her wasn’t damsel in distress. It was recognising a connection and possible friend it is one of the reasons the film works as its not just about her getting away its also about why he stays. Ed as a character is someone you feel so sorry for as he is just having a really rough time but he has this openness to the situation which makes him intriguing. Some of the side characters were really good like the brother, Charlie, and David Bowie as Colin just made the film that much more special.

I really loved this film if you are in the mood for a thriller with lots of twists and turns then definitely watch this one. It has some fantastic stills that just look so iconic and would make great film posters. If you are fan Goldblum or Pfeiffer than you will not be disappointed they both have incredible chemistry together. A perfect mixture of impossible situations and the brewing of a romance.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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