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Genre = Thriller, Crime, Mystery, Fiction

Author = Thomas Harris

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This follows a young woman in a very sticky situation. She is caught between war of two men who are looking for a gold fortune buried underneath a house. However, this is not just anyone’s house its the house of Pablo Escobar. This young woman Cari lives in this house looking after it while its owner Hans Peter is looking for that gold. But now someone else is looking for it too. So loyalty is starting to be questioned?

My Pitch To You:

The idea of this book is epic and so creepy like skin crawling creepy. The first fifty to hundred pages were thrilling and paths were starting to develop. However, it didn’t go the way I was expecting after reading his other books and seeing the films. This was really disappointing as it just meant the book flopped badly for me. The idea of this plot about the war for the gold as an underlying plot and Hans Peter the main attraction would have worked perfectly and also develop the plot to into something bigger and dramatic. However, it focused to much on the gold and made into a boring trashy thriller that I couldn’t wait to put down which I am so sad about.

The character of Hans Peter starts as someone you can barely read because he is scary and so disgusting but that’s it. The start is all you get out of this character but it never develops. He is never pushed to question his crazy ideas about society and it never brings his personality to the centre of the plot which makes him look like a sloppy character. After reading the book it felt like he took Hannibal’s character and transformed him to be a bit more modern then left half his personality at the door and focused on the girl Cari. Cari was another disappointment because she was just a girl stuck in a situation, she had no personality and it felt like she was just a necessary part of the story and not a fully formed character.

Overall, this was a very messy plot that did not work and was a waste of a good idea plus in need of thoroughly good edit. This is such a shame because I enjoyed his other books and this makes me less inclined to read his newest if he writes another one. It has potential in the core idea of the plot but it wasn’t developed enough and had no flow to it.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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