Where The River Runs Gold Review

Genre = Children’s Fiction, Middle Grade, SCI-FI, Environment

Author = Sita Brahmachari

Info  = https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/45455378-where-the-river-runs-gold?ac=1&from_search=true&qid=xWGTHASCz1&rank=1


This follows a brother and a sister called Themba and Shifa that live in a futuristic version of earth where crops are very scarce. So children are sent to schools where they learn about crops and how to grow them. However, when these two are on their way to the school something doesn’t seem quite right. There is obviously more going on but the real question is whether they can survive?

My Pitch To You:

I loved the main idea surrounding this book but for me follow through just didn’t quite cut it. The premise being set in a world where crops are scarce and children have to be used to grow more crops is an interesting way of how society could be in the future exploiting children. The way she develops it into the thriller aspect of the plot I really enjoyed as it kept the pacing going. Although what I would have liked to have seen more of is the school and what is was like and maybe a different perspective from an older child. Also I think flashbacks could have been utilised for a certain character to understand her background in the story a bit better. There were moments were that didn’t mould as well as I was expecting.

The style of writing was where I had a bit of trouble. It started well by setting the scene of the world with lots of description which brought a lot of questions of why it was that like that. Then as the story continued the pacing was lacking so it became very difficult to read even though I was really interested in the plot. When I got to the later half of the book I was just really disappointed and very annoyed.

In terms of the characters Shifa especially I loved her, she had this mother like quality that made me understand her and think what a lovely character she was to read. She also never gave up hope that there was a better situation round the corner because honestly that is hard to find nowadays especially in this political climate. Her brother Themba I found really annoying but I can understand that because he is a very young age and put in completely different environment in the school. However, I did wish he was a bit less whiny as his development in the school was an interesting dynamic between him and an older boy.

Overall, the main plot is really fascinating and so is the world it is just feels like an underdeveloped and rushed story that doesn’t inspire me enough as I was hoping. This is great for someone who enjoys slow burning detailed stories with an intriguing world.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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