Comic Single Issues #1 Review

Nancy Drew #1

Genre: Mystery, YA, Comic

Author: Kelly Thompson, Jenn St-Onge


The character of Nancy Drew has always been a big part of my life ever since I was a kid when I first encountered her at the library. So to see her in comic form it just makes my inner child so excited. This single issue follows Nancy Drew going back to her home town of Bayport to solve a mystery. Little does she know who is setting the mystery up for her?

I enjoyed this snippet into the life Nancy Drew she has that badass quality that we all love but also a sense of vulnerability as she travels home and encounters unresolved issues. The artwork has great grey tones to give it that sense of eeriness. I love the character’s facial expressions in this issue as you can really see where the dynamics lie between the different characters. The plot is a good start to a mystery with many suspects and lots of unresolved tension. I like it and I will look for the first volume.

John Wick #1

Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Action, Comic

Author: Greg Pak, Giovanni Valletta


I love the John Wick films they are slick and stylised I love that in a thriller film and to have it explored in comic form is really exciting as the panel work you can do to show action scenes is going to be epic. This time we follow John Wick struggling with something in his past, a memory that won’t go away. Not to mention the annoying people that are in the diner but how is it all connected?

The fight scenes were good in this first issue sort of like a teaser to what is to come later especially when he enters through the window that was so cool. The nod to The Continental in this issue was interesting to establish that connection early on I am not sure where they are going with it but I am intrigued. The plot is fast paced but neatly tied together which I enjoyed for a first issue. I wonder if this means they are doing a plot each issue in any case I am interested enough to pick up the first volume.

Marvel Action Spider-Man #1

Genre: Superhero, Marvel, Comic, Action

Author: Delilah S. Dawson, Fico Ossio


Now I am a huge fan of Spider-Man I think he and all the Spider-People are some of the greatest characters ever created in the Marvel Universe. So when I saw this single issue of which not only had Spider-Man but also Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales on the front I was like I am sold. It follows these three characters in their teenage years in the same city all doing an internship at the Daily Bugle but there seems to be peculiar creatures roaming the streets. Which Spider-person will save the day?

I think I over hyped this single issue in my head because it is Spider-People and I love them but when I read it I just found it dull and the writers trying too hard to make it PG-13 but it is still cool. The concept of the comic is having the three Spider-People all in the same city and interning at the Bugle plus finding out their powers and each other but it felt like this first issue was trying to do all of that all in one go. That is not needed but what would have been better I think is to introduce the creatures at the end because they were intriguing. It’s an okay first issue but if the rest of the comic is as jumbled as the first issue I am not going to pick it up. Although the artwork was cool especially when the creatures were around.

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