Charlie’s Angels 2019

Charlie’s Angels 2019

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This modern version of Charlie’s Angels follows Sabina who is the middle of a rather saucy date with an Australian guy that turns sour for him as she is only there to capture him. With a Bosley leaving things are moving in a new direction. There is a woman called Elena who is an engineer at the Townsend Agency who is developing a new type of tech that she warned her employees is not ready for a publicity campaign but they don’t listen. So she becomes a whistle-blower. The question is can the Angels protect her and get the tech back?

My Pitch To You:

Charlie’s Angels has always had a special place in my heart ever since I watched the two films there was something about Lucy Liu that I just loved she would just glide across the room and I so wanted to be like her. So when I heard that Elizabeth Banks was taking the Charlie’s Angels to a new level with another film I was so excited as I love Elizabeth Banks I think she is not only hilarious but also a good filmmaker. Plus her as a Bosley such a good idea as she has that presence that a Bosley has. Then adding Kristen Stewart and the actor from Aladdin Naomi Scott I was sold. For the most part this film is fun, thrilling and filled with hilarious one liners. It discusses a fascinating issue of how technology is becoming very advanced but people are more interested in getting it out than doing the proper checks.

The plot of this film was so much fun to watch as Elena starts of as being the one to protect and then as the film goes on she starts becoming one of the Angels which is so cool and a nice way to introduce us to the updated Charlie’s Angels world. Well it has changed quite a bit, it is all fancy and full of new tech which is always awesome I grew up on Bond films and the bits with Q and the gadgets were my favourite part so to recreate this in a updated fashion was so cool. Plus seriously I think every woman should have that bra I mean that looks like the most comfortable bra on the planet. I enjoyed that they always kept you guessing as to who was the real enemy was in this film. It gave it that allure and suave of a spy film. I thought it was good to see a mixture of the characters plotting and action because you can’t always have full kick ass plus Angel’s need some down time which I liked how they incorporated that. That horse racing scene was hilarious I laughed so much and was so nervous towards the end of that scene.

Time for the characters, I loved Patrick Stewart’s; Bosley he was so funny and at times quite scary because he has this twinkle in his eye that is just so devious. Elizabeth Banks’; Bosley was more hands on than the last Bosleys I feel like which I enjoyed because she felt more like part of the team than just an occasional helping hand plus she had this great cool and calm exterior that made you not trust her but want to know more about her background. I love Elena she was like this little cute bunny learning the ropes and wanting to do something more with her life than just tech stuff. She also had this spirit that I wish I had. Kristen Stewart was like the cool older sister character which I thought was perfect for her because she had that knowledge to give but also at times was vulnerable. I felt that Jane was very closed off character and get the job which was interesting contrast and fitted into her character arc but I would have like to seen her break that mould more towards the end of the film.

Overall, it is a great fun film to watch on a Saturday night with your group and wine plus the song choices are addictive to listen to which is always great for a blockbuster type film. I hope that they get to do more films as I think Elizabeth Banks has a great model of Charlie’s Angels that could expand like the John Wick series is going to by exploring other parts of the agency. I think at times it was a bit sloppy in the script and at parts there was a little too much crammed into the plot. All in all I really enjoyed this film and am going to buy it for my collection. So if you are in the mood for some fun girl power then definitely check this one out!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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