COBRA Season 1 Pt1 Ep 1-3


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Season 1

Episode 1

I heard about this TV show when it first came out on Sky but I didn’t hear lots about it so I brushed it off for watching later but at the time it said it was leaving Now TV so it has moved to the top of my list and it doesn’t disappoint (It is now permanently on Now TV/Sky). This is a thrilling show about a solar storm that maybe about to hit the UK. The question is how big and how much it is going to affect the UK. We follow the Prime Minister, his press secretary, police Chief Constable and the Home Secretary throughout the crises.

This is a fascinating show mainly because it is so relevant to today’s society on how we rely so much on power to keep our lives going that when there is a threat to that we go to a high level of panic and its quite scary how true that notion is today. I love the Chief of Staff’s character; Anna is quick witted and fascinating to watch in terms of what moves she makes. This first episode is very much like watching a chess game trying to work out which move is the best and it has some devastating consequences. What a thrilling first episode if it continues like this with the added personal histories you see being played out then this is going to get into my top ten of the year.

Episode 2

Well that was an insane episode but just what I wanted from the show to escalate to heightened tension that produce all possibilities. In this episode we learn the truth of the visitor who turned up on the the doorstep of Anna’s. Not only that the situation of the daughter of the president and the consequences of what happened to her friend becoming a reality as to how much this could effect her life and the Prime Minister’s career. There is also the slight problem of a nation wide blackout.

This was a beautiful piece of drama especially because the music intertwined with the mood of each part of the episode created so much emotion from me that meant I was glued to the screen. The bit with the fire was so devastating to watch it really showed how much destruction it can cause. The scene with the guy with dog and when he goes up north and then his father was just heartbreaking. This episode shows the stark reality of how nature rebels against humanity.

Episode 3

The moment of hope its a rarity in society but when it happens there is a feeling that we might be able to move forward from our past. This episode follows the Prime Minister traveling to the red zone in which the people are at their breaking point. There is man nearly lynched to death and a lack of water. What can the Prime Minister do? Meanwhile the cogs are ticking back home with his daughter’s second interview with the police and the Home Secretary stiring the pot to boiling point.

This is a very intense episode that is so hard to watch because it echoes issues we still have in our society today. It just makes you so disgusted by the way people act and their lack wanting the truth and settling for revenge which could be on the wrong person. This show is fantastic look at how society can tip with push of the scale. The performances by Anna and the Prime Minister are amazing but so is the Home Secretary who is an utter slime ball. I am just itching to watch the next episode because they left a personal cliff hanger that I can’t wait to be uncovered.

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