The World’s Worst Children Review

Genre = Children’s Fiction, short stories, humour

Author = David Walliams, Tony Ross

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This collection of short stories follows ten children who are the worst and most disgusting children on the planet (kids don’t get any ideas from this book or do lol). It follows their disgusting habits and what happens when their habits go too far.

My Pitch To You:

All in all there were only two stories out of the ten that were well written and interesting for me and they were Miss Petula Perpetual-Motion and Brian Wong who was never Ever Wrong. Those were clever looks at certain traits of people and how you can put those to use or it can take over your life which is a good moral for kids to not let that particular part of your personality define you.

However, the rest of this book was just disgusting and wasn’t funny at all just gross on so many levels. It was also trying way to hard to be Roald Dahl. It saddens me when these types of books get so much press because they have a famous face attached. For me this was a badly written book and didn’t inspire kids to have a great adventure which I look for in a children’s book.

If the rest of the series is like this first one then I don’t think they are for me. My level of gross is maxed out after this one so I won’t be reading the rest. However, if you are looking for a book for a child who likes silly gross books then this maybe the book for them.

All in all, for me it is just not my type of book and depresses me that this represents a big part of the children’s book market but we can’t like everything in the world. For those who like the impossible and the mega gross this book is for you!

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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